2K Announces Duke Nukem Forever Demo in Borderlands GOTY Edition!!

6th October 2010 - If the slew of games this month was not enough, here is another reason to part with more dollar bills: 2K has announced that in the next week, anyone who buys the GOTY Edition of Borderlands will receive access to the Duke Nukem "First Access Club" ie: The Demo, before anyone else!! 

Duke Nukem Forever is now in the ownership of Bordeland Developers Gearbox Softwares and publishers 2K and has been in the making through three American presidents and one World War. The game Debuted only a few months ago at the European Games Developers Conference. It featured, among other things: Urination, interactive white boards, hand jobs and falatio. 


XBOX and PS3 owners who already own Borderlands may be waiting a while for the content, although the game is set to ship early next year with 2K stating the demo will appear  " prior to the retail launch of the game". 

Borderlands GOTY Edition features all DLC for the game over the last year along with a 'certificate' to join the First Access Club and will ship around October 12th next week.


Drop us a comment and let us know if this is another reason to buy Borderlands or annoying that the Demo isn't available to everyone


Article by Ian Crane