AAG's 5 Things to do before the west is won in Red Dead Redemption

AAG's 5 Things to do before the west is won in Red Dead Redemption

25th June 2010 - Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption is an amazing game, both entertaining and technically impressive. Its addictive, fun, wholesome and there is a ton of great things to be done. But today, we’re bringing to you a list of Ten things you simply must try in Red Dead Redemption before you shelf it for some newer games. Be they funny, fun or simply odd, you owe it to yourself to give these a go. Take a look…

1. Fire Bottle a Bird
Yes, believe it or not you can hit a flying critter with one of the slow, rather close range Fire Bottles. To start the list off, we’re throwing at you one of the funniest moments you will have in the game. Simply equip a Fire Bottle and enter Dead Eye mode. From here you can select one point to throw your fiery Molotov at. Since it has no reticule, it’s a little hard to hit things in the distance, but once you got it, prepare for humour galore as your flaming bottle weapon will fly up, turn corners and ultimately hit its target. You can also hit fleeing criminals, stagecoaches and horses, but we’ve found none as enjoyable to watch as the few seconds of automated air-time you will get from Bird Hunting.

2. High Stakes Poker

Sure, you can go and play regular poker. But pfft, that’s for sissies. Want a real challenge? Then sign yourself up to the Rockstar Social club and get your hand on the Gentleman’s Attire; a full white suit, fit for a king, that gives you access to a rather select poker match in the second story of the Hotel in Blackwater. Buy-in is $250 and gives you 2000 chips, double even the highest normal game. This is also the easiest way to the get the Achievement/Trophy for winning over 2000 chips in a single hand. Poker is the game of kings, so dress the part and get into it!

3. Read the News Paper
Yeah, yeah, I know- the news is boring/that show suck/its for old people, all that, but in Red Dead Redemption, you will actually get a laugh or two out of reading the local news papers. Available every now and then for $1 from street sellers, the RDR news papers have some very interesting news in them. Throughout the games main story missions they will tell tales of your brave heroics (usually without citing credit where deserved), but the real treat is from getting your hands on one after you have beating the games main storyline. We wont ruin the treats for you, but its some pretty interesting stuff if you’re a gamer who enjoys the more narrative parts of a good game.

4. Dastardly
A little secret Achievement/Trophy the game has is one going by the name ‘Dastardly’, and that’s because you have to be a Dastardly little boy to get this without knowing about it first. If you don’t want to know just how to do it, then avert your eyes now, but if your too bust being one of the good guys to even come close to getting this, then please take the time to read on; first you must hogtie a female- any will do, even a Nun. Take this poor woman to the nearest train-track. And now your starting to fret about what you think you’re going to have to do… good, because you’re dead right. Drop the lass straight on the tracks and sit back , wait for the train, and enjoy the show! But beware; don’t look away for too long or enter your binoculars for too long or the little lady will go all Edward Norton from The Illusionist and completely disappear.

5. Listen to others
No, I’m not going to proceed to tell you the joys of listening to friends and family to be a better person, what I mean is simply listen to the many unique citizens of the Red Dead Redemption world. This may seem silly, but I assure you, there is sure to be laughs abound when you do it. Usually in poker games you hear the best of the best lines be thrown around, usually very racist as a way to creating a realistic atmosphere to how it was in the early 1900’s, but its all in good humour. For example, at times when you enter a general store, you will hear something along the lines of “You won’t find anything Jewish in this establishment!”, and another notable, and my personal favourite is a line heard during some poker matches- “You’ll believe anything I say because I’m white.” Its this type of humour which marks a real light side to all the killing and goat slaying involved in this game.

And that’s it for out list readers, hope you have a hell of a time trying out some of the things mentioned here. But why not let us know what some of your favourite things to do in this large scale and endearingly enjoyable game are in our comments section below?


Article By John Elliott