AAG Feature: A look at Ubisoft's "Uplay"

28th November 2009 - Just over a week ago, we saw the release of Ubisoft's latest; Assassins Creed 2. With it, was another little surprise up Ubisoft’s gaming industry sleeve; Uplay. Uplay is essentially a hub for a selection of Ubisoft games that allows certain achievements to be tracked, Upoints to be earned, saved and purchased for a variety of items that span the available games. It is accessible through the games main menu.


Although still only in Beta mode, Uplay still allows a few of the Assassins Creed 2 achievements to earn you Upoints, which you can spend on things like a new costume or a dashboard wallpaper, and if none of those tickle your fancies, save up your hard-earned points for an upcoming Ubisoft title. Other rewards range from new weapons, maps and even a multiplayer gametype for the upcoming Splinter Cell Conviction. Currently, the only games set to support Uplay are as follows;


- Assassins Creed 2

- Splinter Cell: Conviction

- R.U.S.E


Although only a small selection of three Ubisoft mammoths, there is sure to be more and more games added to the list in the future. Uplay also allows gamers who use the program to show off and share their actions and rewards with mates, which adds a lot to the experience and gives gamers a true sense of community – however, this feature will only be available once the full program is out of Beta mode. You can also log on to Uplay via Ubisoft’s Uplay website, and check out your profile with more detail and even look at all current games possible rewards and actions.



Ubisoft has always been at the head of gaming industry with cutting edge game technology and graphics, and now they are taking it one step further and giving players one of the most innovative and original community features ever seen. Stay tuned for Uplay to really kick off next year and for further games to be announced. Is this the start of something great? Only time will tell, but we here at All Age Gaming think Ubisoft has struck gold with this.


Article Written By John Elliott