AAG Feature: Dead Rising 2: Case 0 Guide

19th September 2010 - Welcome to Still Water, population: 10 and about a million zombies. Add yourself; Chuck Greene motocross extraordinary and your young daughter- and you have a recepie for disaster if not addictive and time wasting disaster as Chuck tries to escape the small time town and get into Vegas. AAG has a breakdown of all the different 'collectibles' required to outsmart those zombies including a full list of people, bike parts, weapon combos and secret items. Feel free to figure it out for yourself but below is a complete list minus the spoilers.


NOTE: The below guide was constructed by memory without looking or using references. Please leave comments in regards to any differences you might have!



To start off with there are some unique items in the game, that only appear once and in one location. Most are required to mix with others at the work bench but some are simply for fun kills on the fly:


- 20 shot Sniper Rifle

In the starting zone go into the back room with all the snacks and drinks and then back again into the store room. Take the ladder to the roof. Here you will find some weapons including a pwning 20shot sniper rifle. The roof is completely barricaded and the game loads when you go outside so feel free to rack up those kills. The gun will of course respawn every time you go in/out but the door will be locked during the boss battle so make sure to grab it early on.


- Paddle

Used for making the infamous Paddlesaw, it can be hard to miss but as soon as you enter the street go forward and you will see it on the ground up against the first building across the street on your left.


- Spray Cans

Rare items that only appear twice. Needed to make the air horn weapon. There are one two (green and purple) and one can be found on the roof with the Sniper Rifle and the other in the back lot of the police station. From the police station (locked) go down a couple of building on the left, and use the dumpster to jump over the back into the back lot to also gain access to the police station.


- Workers Hard Hat

Needed to make the beer hat 'weapon' item. Easy to miss it is on the roof right on the corner to to the right as you go up and into the Hunting store. When you jump across the building from the stairs turn right and see the makeshift walkway to the other building. The hat is just there on the corner. Only appears once in the game.


- Battery

There is one battery on top of the dumpster across the street from where the chainsaws are in the hardware store. Take the side alley next to the fence and around the corner. Use it with the rake.


- Gems item

Easy to miss this item only spawns in the early afternoon and only after you have rescued the gambling couple from the pub. Go out/in of your base and she will be found crying in the corner. When she asks you to find her gems, just head down to the flaming roadblock and wade into the zombies. The gems are in a handbag in the middle of the blockade next to a car. Problem is the had bag shows up as a weapon not an item to collect so it is easy to miss. Pick up the handbag weapon and the gems are inside for $15000 reward.


- Unique Shotgun

There are only 3 in the game. 2 in the locked hunting store, but one in the locked police station up the stairs.


- Unique Stag horns

Again you can buy cheaply from the pawn shop or otherwise it is found only once, in the hunting store on the wall. All items will reappear when you enter/exist a load area.



There are actually only 9 different combinations in the game and while a shotgun goes with a pitchfork it won't work with a rake. Similarly scotch is used to make Molotov but beer doesn’t work:


- Fry Pan+Stove= Burning face fry pan to the head (not an actual combo weapon but will give you extra XP for using the stove and a special face burning move)


- Drinks+More Drinks= Powerups (not actual combo weapon items but different drinks have different effects when using the blender. 2X same drink = twice the effect)


- Rake+Battery= Electric Rake


- Hard hat+ Beer= Beer hat health item to wear and use


- Paddle+Chainsaw= Paddlesaw! Mob clearing weapon of death


- Pitchfork+Shotgun= Boomstick. Stick and then.... Boom!


- Nails+Baseball bat= Spiked bat


- Nails+ Gas canister= Exploding spiky bomb for multi kills


- Spray can+Traffic Cone= Air horn of head popping fun


- Newspaper+ Scotch= Molotov cocktail


- Bucket+Drill= Drill bucket item weapon for head popping fun


Making these items in the workbench will level you up quicker and also allow more damage while having unique moves that are unlocked through the combo card system.



Just like in the first game, people only spawn at certain times of the day, for a set period, have little health, need to be carried and generally are pretty cliché either with big boobs, Asian or simply crazy black men on roofs with rifles. This guide is written entirely from memory, so excuse me if I don't use the correct names.


- Husband and Wife (drunk gamblers)

Found immediately after the start of chapter 4 in the pub, which is being mobbed by a lot of zombies. Give the man 2 beers and get out of there. The female will give you $15000. Go out/in the base and talk to her to get a mission to retrieve her gems and receive another $15000. (do NOT spend it)


- Man on the roof and his missing daughter

Pretty useful in locating other people, go around the back up on the dumpster the stairs and then roof, to reach him. You will not be able to rescue him until after 7PM when his daughter appears.


The daughter appears after 7PM in the Hunting store BUT ONLY IF YOU TALK TO HIM. At 7PM be on the roof and talk to him and then go straight across to the hunting store. Talk to the girl, go back to the father and take him to his daughter at which point run all the way back to base IMMIDIATLEY.


- The Pawn shop guy

Pretty obvious as he is right in front of the base. Speak to him and then clear all the zombies away from the car. Keep talking to him until he comes down and runs to the shop, enter the shop. Do it early enough that you have enough time to go shopping (you WILL need to buy the ZOMBREX drug for $25000 )


- The 3 sexy 'sisters'

Two of the good time girls are in the bowling alley but only AFTER 12PM (1PM-2PM). Talk to them because the third one is holed up in the army tents at the fire road block. Go in there and find her GIVE HER YOUR DAUGHTERS ZOMBREX. Pick her up in your arms and run the heck back to the bowling alley. Talk to the 2 girls and then carrying the third one to get back to base with all 3 of them asap.


- 2 Asian Cops

These guys actually have the missing bike handle bars as well so you have to wait till after dark 5PM-6PM to get them. DO NOT WAIT TILL AFTER 7PM or you will run out of time. They spawn in the carpark behind the pub and the big store. Basically take them a broad sword from the hunting store and swap it for the bike part. Then take all 3 things back to base BEFORE 7PM.



Jed doesn’t really count because he appears as the boss between 7PM-8PM as soon as you heal your daughter with ZOMBREX. But you can't save him and you can't find him in the town. Fighting Jed will consume time but Jed never goes inside the garage so keep going back inside to get snacks from the shop and refilling your health.



Forget your yellow and Black 4 Wheel drive, a black and yellow motocross bike is well better. To find all the parts though is going to take right up to 7PM:


- Wheel

Buy this as soon as chapter 4 starts and you can rescue the pawn shop guy. If you lose it you can buy more. This is the only item you can replace.


- Gas Tank

Easy to miss a square red fuel can can be found right next to the base at the petrol pumps.


- Engine

Found in the Alley behind the cinema. Don't drop it.


- Bike frame

Found in the locked shed next to the fountain and the hardware store on the way to the flaming roadblock on the right. The key for the shed is located in the empty rooms above the cinema. Enter the rooms via the alley at the back on the dumpster and stairs on the way to the Hunting stores roof.


- Handle Bars

Trade these only after 5PM from the 2 Asian cops who need rescuing from the car park behind the pub. You will have to wait all day, so make sure you have a sword to trade for them. Once you have most of the parts you should still have time to buy the ZOMBREX, heal your daughter, rescue the father and daughter, fight Jed and still get away on the bike! DO NOT use it straight away once it is complete.



Need to make a quick get away? Here's how:


- Cinema

Go inside down through the theatre and out the door on the right.


- Cop shop

Out the front go down two building on the left over the dumpster and fence and into the backside door, then straight out the front.


- Hunting Store

Take the side alley up onto the dumpster and the stairs that lead to the empty room and roofs. Jump across and go left on the roof of the hunting store then jump down through the hatch and out the front door.


- Shed

Key for the shed is in the empty rooms above the casino.


- Pawn shop

Will unlock once you rescue the owner in chapter 4.


- Convenient store/ bowling alley and/or hairdressers

Any other 'locked door' is obvious, enter either through the front and out the back or smash the window and then exit out the front. Last but not least, here is 6 easy steps to completing the game quickly, efficiently and with the most kills possible.


REMEMBER: Entering/exiting load areas will make all items unique items weapons and money respawn/

door will close and anything left on a workbench will disappear.


STEP #1.

Don't Waste time! 7AM- you have 14hr to do this thing. Follow the big arrow directly to the ZOMBREX as soon asap. Don't worry about anything else yet. This will trigger CHAPTER 2 and 3.



Take the bike parts directly back to base killing as many zombies as possible. CHAPTER 4 starts.



You should still have about 12 1/2hrs left on the clock and now you can do whatever the heck you want. To make it easy go rescue the pawn shop guy and then buy the wheels, then get the gas tank then the engine and then head for the key and the last part of the bike. Do all this asap and now it's about 1PM.



After rounding up all the bike parts you can, go get the drunks in the pub outta there. Collect the $15000. Head back out to the bowling alley meet the chicks and go look for their friend. It's now about 2.30PM. 


REMEMBER: Pick up the gems for the drunk gambling chick when you are in the roadblock. Give the first ZOMBREX to the girl pick her up, back to the bowling alley and then base.


Hand over the gems for another $15000.



Go buy the ZOMBREX from the pawn shop for your daughter. Its now about 3-4PM and you have 3 hours to go nuts. Basically head to the Hunting store. Use all the guns, bows, swords and then put on the moose head. Run around diagonally toward the Paddles. Pick up the paddles and head to the chainsaws. Use the bench to make the Paddlesaw and Paddlesaw your way back to base. Go in/out load and then head back to the Hunting store again. Rinse and repeat until 1000 killls.



As soon as it hits 5-6PM go get the 2 cops in the carpark with your bike part. Give them a sword and everyone runs back to base asap. Get back outside and onto the roof with the Old man BEFORE 7PM. AS SOON AS 7PM hits talk to the man, go see his daughter across in the hunting store, pick them both up and get back to base BEFORE 8PM. Give your daughter the ZOMBREX you bought earlier. Triggers Boss Battle.



Take you time now that the bike is built and all the peeps are saved. Keep attacking and then running back in for snacks. The snacks never run out. Once he is dead jump on the bike and trigger the final escape through the town. The EXIT is just right of the flaming blockade and through a tunnel.


There are 5 endings:


A - You give the ZOMBREX to your daughter and you also fix the bike and escape

B  - You fix the bike but leave before giving your daughter ZOMBREX. You left early

C - You heal your daughter but fail to fix the bike on time. Swat arrests you

D - You heal your daughter and fix the bike but fail to escape on the bike in time. Swat arrests you

E - You heal your daughter and try to escape on the bike but die on the bike while escaping. Time runs out.

F - You fail to fix the bike or even give your daughter the medicine. Sucks to be you


*The above guide was constructed by memory without looking or using references. Please leave comments in regards to any differences you might have!


Guide By Ian Crane