AAG Feature: Get to know Shank. The different Faces of Shank

6th September 2010 - Shank - the name says it all. Armed with not much more than some blades, some guns and a will for revenge, Klei Entertainments' bust out indie title, is all the rage right now. There might be more to Shank than you think though. Unlocked in the game are 11 different 'characters' to change the look and feel of your would be hero. Inspired by Kleis love of movies and all things indie, below we detail all 11 unlocks (and one co-op partner) and just how to get them:


See if you can name them all. Over at Shank central Klei have been running competitions leading up to the release of the game and slowly revealing the different faces of Shank-

1. SHANK (normal) By default this Mexican bad-ass is nothing without his trademark chainsaw.
How: Default

2. KUNG FU SHANK Half Bruce Lee, half Kill Bill inspired by the movie that was inspired by the....Shank looks best with a massive katana in hand.
How: Score 1000 kills

3. WILD MAN SHANK The only thing missing are six massive blades, and yet the bloody knuckles say it all. Equip some machetes and get your X-man on!
How: Beat the game on hard (no save points)

4. SPARTAN SHANK Assuming movie tie-ins 300 of these Butler look a likes would be overwhelming. Or is he gunning to be the next god of war?
How: Beat the co-op story

5. RED PYJAMA SHANK Because red makes you go faster.
How: Perform a 150 hit combo

6. WHITE PYJAMA SHANK Because the blood makes it red all over anyway.
How: Perform a 100 hit combo

7. HORROR SHANK Nothing says postal like a Jason inspired chainsaw massacre..in Mexico.
How: Perform a 100 chainsaw kills

8. ANY-S SHANK The iron man of Mexico Robo Shank shoots first and asks questions later.
How: Finish the game and start a new game then enter “The Kanomi code” UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT B A

9. DANCE SHANK Shaft would have been proud of this Afro Samunrai. Death by funky dancing.
How: Complete the game on normal (not co-op)

10. DEATH SHANK Long lost cousin of Indie newcomer Death Spank, starring in his own XBLA adventure.
How: Finish on any difficulty then enter the code UP X DOWN B LEFT Y RIGHT A

11. GIMP SHANK The sexiest of all the Shank, like his name Gimp Shank is hiding the truth- he gets off on killing, and he likes it!
How: Get 500 Creature kills. Rats, birds, Dogs all count

As you can see here there is a 12th character the default of your co-op partner Falcone

So there you have it folks. All the details to start giving the shank to your enemies. Just remember that there are two different campaigns to play through, as well as a variety of weapons and blades to unlock. A lot of the costumes have achievements attached to them but follow the above guide and we will let you find them for yourselves. Klei entertainment has also released the entire soundtrack for FREE, remixed and digitised for the masses so revenge never sounded so sweet.


Article Written By Ian Crane