AAG Feature: The 10 Best Wii Games To Date

AAG Feature: The 10 Best Wii Games To Date

9th January 2010 - Out of the three major gamin consoles currently rocking the world, the Wii is by far the most unique, and if statistics are anything to go by; the most popular too. And with this uniqueness comes a wide array of unique games and exclusives. But in amongst all the gimmicky sport and training games there actually lies a heart of a true gaming console, and with these Top 10 Wii games to date,  we show off just what the Wii really has to offer. Read on to see what made the cut…

10. Mario Kart Wii
To start off, we have Mario Kart Wii, the only installation of the series on the console. Everyone loves to play Mario Kart; from the average casual gamer to the hardest of the hardcore. With more characters and more tracks than ever before, it’s a wonder why its not higher on the list right? Well thing is, it would have been if it didn’t fall short of besting the Gamecube’s or N64’s versions of the game. But that aside, the game is still a mighty fun racing blast for everyone to enjoy and a sure hit when you have a few mates around for a barby and a bit of a game romp.

9. Little Kings Story
Beneath the childish exterior and silly story is a game of pure gold. This little surprise goes to show that the Wii is capable of really stand out games, and provides a true-to-form strategy and adventure game with elements of a life simulation. Inexplicably detailed and breath-taking the world of Little Kings Story is, and most certainly not just a kids game. If you have a Wii and want yourself a great and wholly unique game, then do yourself a big favour and get into the world of Little Kings Story.

8. MadWorld
This is the one game anyone should use as an example when trying to argue that the Wii is not just a child’s gaming console. Beautifully violent and mercilessly gory, MadWorld takes a very dull concept of a violent reality TV show and turns it into one of the Wii’s best video games. Use your brain to overcome the games challenges and rip, slice, cut and dice your way through the scarce amount of levels. But even though there isn’t many levels, given how many different and thought provoking ways of killing and mutilating the opposition there is, you will be playing the game over and over for the fun and joy of satisfying your inner maniac.

7. Resident Evil 4
Of course when a game like Resident Evil comes to the motion based Wii, there is sure to be some kind of annoying controller scheme, right? Wrong, as RE4 plays better on the Wii than any other console the game is on. The controls are perfected right down to the aiming sensitivity, all the games features are kept in tact, the graphics even look the part to keep you immersed in the horror experience and the overall experience is the best any Resident Evil game has ever given gamers. Another game that shows just what developers are capable of bringing to the Wii.

6. Metroid Prime Trilogy
A top buy, given you get all three of the series amazing shooters in one small package. But value doesn’t make these games great; it’s the actual quality of the games. The first in the series was the Gamecubes most definitive shooter, and all the way to the recently released third installation, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, you get to relive the most immersive story and intense action on a Nintendo console. A standout set of shooters that even compete with the best of the Wii’s rival consoles, Metroid Prime Trilogy is a must-have game for Wii owners that never got the pleasure of experiencing the original two games.

5. Okami
This one is a relatively unknown game, yet one of the consoles absolute best. If you enjoy Japanese art styles and folklore, then you will fall head over heals while playing this game, but even if you like to live life more in the western world, the game stylish and overwhelmingly fun and deep gameplay will have you stuck right in. Sure, it was originally a PS2 game, but the revamped Wii edition takes the experience to new heights. A rich RPG, and one for every Zelda fan, Okami is a Japanese masterpiece and a sleeper hit for the ages.

4. New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Ah yes, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, a return to form for the greatest platforming series of all time. New Super Mario Bros. has you put right back into the nostalgic world of your favourite Italian plumber as he and his three sidekick/partners take on Bowser yet again. New worlds, new levels, beautiful and stunning graphics and a hefty amount of fun make this the best Mario platformer ever. And with an addictive multiplayer side to the game, New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a great party game and one you can play with the kids for hours on end. This was 2009s best Wii game without a doubt, and will live on as the game which revived 2D Mario gaming.

3. Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Smash Bros. is one of the worlds best and most enjoyable fighting games. With unlimited play options and character match-ups, Smash Bros. is Nintendo’s bench mark fighter and one of the companies most memorable series. The game pits all your favourite Nintendo characters together into one stand-out game and throws countless weapons, specials and collectable into the mix for some truly outrages action. Another game that’s fun for all ages, yet still has some more mature and skilled gamers throwing fists of fury at each other like nothing else.

2. Super Mario Galaxy
An unbelievably massive adventure in the depths of Space as Mario races to save the Princess Peach yet again, exploring unique and stylish planets and overcoming the galaxy’s most fierce of creatures. Super Mario Galaxy is the successor to the widely popular Super Mario 64, and matches it in almost every way. Even managing to outdo its processor on a handful of occasions. Outlandishly unique and stylish, Super Mario Galaxy is a massive, replayable adventure that never gets old and always comes out on top of the competition. Except for one game of course. Peel your eyes from this description and take a look down a few spaces to see which one.

1. The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess
That’s right; the only Zelda game on the Wii makes the cut and manages to take hold of not only our hearts as one of the series best, but as the number 1 Wii game that’s been released to date. Twilight Princess is an addictive, replayable, unfathomably enjoyable experience worthy of the Zelda title. One of the world best RPG series latest console release, and certainly enough to hold out onto until the next big Zelda title. Look past the Wii’s hardware struggles, and dive headfirst into the consoles best game and certainly one of the best games of this generation. Play as Link, as he traverses the land and takes on the forces of darkness through his world and one of another dimension; the Twilight Realm, where he takes the form of powerful Wolf and continues his adventure. Along the way take part in many mini-games, side quests, time-consuming entertainment and more fun that you can put a name to.

It was a close call, but Zelda managed to take the cup this time. No doubt every game on this list is a fun and must-own game for any Wii owner, but there had to be a winner. This year, look out for more mayhem and outlandish Wii games as developers realize the consoles potential and mature audience.


Article Written By John Elliott