AAG Feature: The 10 Best Xbox 360 Games To Date

AAG Feature: The 10 Best Xbox 360 Games To Date

3rd January 2010 - As we enter a new year and new decade, we at All Age Gaming take a look back through the years that have passed us by, and a look at all the best Xbox 360 games, from the most popular genre busters to the unique little surprises that popped up from nowhere and took us by storm. But as the generation gets on, it becomes obvious that every month, every week even, a great game is released. So now we delve deeper into the depths of all that is great on the 360 and bring you AAG’s Top 10 Xbox 360 Games to date.


10. Left 4 Dead 2
Its not often you would see a zombie killing game with little next to no story on a top 10 list, but this time is an exception. Why? Because that mindless zombie killing game is Left 4 Dead 2; one of the most intelligent and unique games this generation.  The first amazed all with just how addictive and fun the multiplayer was, and this the second improved on every aspect of its predecessor, and added its own supply of goodies to the mix, like the ever enjoyable melee weapons for instance.


9.  Forza Motorsport 3
The Xbox 360s greatest racing game, and what some would call the best driving simulator ever created for a console; Forza 3 takes its place on this mighty list. The game features more tracks than any other racing sim, greater detail and a very, very wide array of amazing vehicles sure to please everyone’s tastes in cars. But the games real selling point is its amount of community features; from buying and selling decals to a fully functional and intriguing online auction house for all your beautifully designed cars.


8. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Some would say that the first out of the two Modern Warfare Call of Duty’s was a better game, but when compared side by side, the sequel not only looks better, but sounds, feels and plays better too, not to mention has a wider variety in the single player campaign and a great co-op mode. The multiplayer features perfectly designed levels, a very balanced perk and rewards systems and will have you addicted like never before. For a generic shooter, Call of Duty 6 hits every mark perfectly and is this generation’s definitive shooting experience (for now…).


7. Gears of War
There’s a strong opinion out there that the original Gears’ is a truck load more enjoyable than the second, so we just had to put the game that revolutionized the third person action genre this generation into the mix. Take the role of Marcus Fenix as he and his squad takes on the unfathomable Locust horde on an adventure that spans the globe, both on ground and under. The great cover system, fluent yet intimidating animation and intense combat toppled with addictive multiplayer and fun co-operative play, make this baby one of the finest games on the 360, even though it was released right back at the start of it all.


6.  Mass Effect
There is simply something about this masterpiece of a game that practically every gamer enjoys. Its odd, because the game itself doesn’t really push any boundaries within its genre, and even for the time of release, didn’t really do anything special with graphics or gameplay (in fact, the gameplay was a bit under par). But one thing that everyone who plays this game agrees on; Mass Effect is great. It is one of the best RPGs of the entire decade, and with the amazing detail that went into the games relationship mechanics and each individual characters different personality, creates an amazing sense of realism and depth. And with the second in the series coming very soon and looking to make a massive mark when it hits, there hasn’t been a better time to get up and give this game one final playthrough.


Grand Theft Auto’s started it all; running random people over, going on killing sprees, stealing all those beautiful cars, going head to head with dozens of cops, and more. So, when Rockstar release a GTA game that has everything that the fans loved and more, and got rid of all the little bits that annoyed a lot of people, the result was sure to be huge right? Damn straight, as GTA IV provides players with the most complete and enjoyable Grand Theft Auto experience ever. Breaking multiple sales records and setting the bar higher than ever for all those so-called ‘GTA clones’, GTA IV is a masterpiece of a game, and was the first in the series to have a fully functional and enjoyable multiplayer experience, which is still played in its entirety today, especially since the release of the two massive spin-off DLC games.


4. Batman: Arkham Asylum
We all know and love the Dark Knight, but until Batman: Arkham Asylums release, we never had a video game version of the iconic figure that really showed us his true side or the dark atmosphere that surrounded him. And luckily, Arkham Asylum not only did Batman justice, but was a stand-out game in its own right. Its unparalleled storytelling, pacing, deep atmosphere and blend of stealth and action also grabbed it our very own Game of the Year award for 2009.


3. Halo 3
The original Xbox kicked off with Halo by its side and smacked the world in the teeth with its phenomenal gameplay and unheard of depth and characters. Halo took the entire world by storm and single handedly heralded the arrival of Microsoft in the console gaming industry. The series has since grown to have one of the biggest entertainment fan bases of all time, some of the most top-quality games around and one of the most iconic gaming figures ever; the Master Chief. Apart from nostalgia purposes, Halo 3 is the most definitive shooter of the lot, and to this day has the most constant played multiplayer mode on Xbox LIVE, despite being released over three years ago. One of the reasons its been so popular is because its not trying to give players a realistic or believable experience, but rather deliver plain and simple enjoyment, which it accomplishes unparalleled to any other shooting game. This is the 360s most defining game.


2. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
The only Elder Scrolls game this generation, Oblivion takes us into a beautiful world of might, magic and cunning, where the gates between worlds have been opened resulting in death and destruction.  A classic fantasy universe with very deep back stories on every race and faction, and own believable history. Oblivion is a living breathing world where anything can happen and no matter if you play as a hard hitting mercenary or a quick-footed thief, anything will. You make the choice, and you choose your path. And with the Elder Scrolls extreme sense of history and lore, as I mentioned before, rising in the ranks of the many different guilds present is a must-do for every adventurer. There has never been an RPG quite like this one, and until the next installment of the series, there probably won’t be.


1. Bioshock
And finally, All Age Gaming presents to you the best game on the Xbox 360 to date; Bioshock. The game pushed the limits of every genre it dabbled in; from the crazed shooting action to the survival horror aspects of it, and even the RPG elements of the final product. Bioshock is a dark and atmospheric adventure and one of most innovative games of the generation, as well as one of the most utterly immersive experiences you can stick in a disc tray. There is nothing not to love about this game, and even to today’s standards, the game stands tall and even manages to look sharper and play smoother than most of the AAA titles seeing the light of day.  Bioshock will live on forever as one of finest video games ever developed. The second game coming soon will have a lot to live up to, that’s for sure. We can only wait and see.


There you have it folks; the ten best 360 games to date. What the next few years will have in store for the Xbox 360 remains to be seen, but its long term jeopardy might just depend on whether or not Project Natal leaves its mark. One thing you can count on is that the games on this list will have some serious challengers in the coming months.


Article Written By John Elliott