AAG Feature: The Wednesday Humps (AAG's Mid-Week News)

28th October 2009 - Welcome to the first sound-off of the mid-week feature lovingly called 'The Wednesday Humps'. Mondays got you down, Friday still far off? Make the most of the hump day as we look at some off topic ideas and other gaming related news. Check out our HOT sponsors 'Deal of the Week' and then as always, jump into the forums and join the debate. Check back on the weekend for our weekly wrap up of all things gaming, but first some news has surfaced about some very controversial achievements...


Nerd Rage


We here at All Age Gaming can be a very vocal bunch both on and offline so it seems appropriate we let vent with topics, that, well -are a little tricky. This week some news has surfaced in regards to achievements for the XBOX and PS3 seemingly centered on the abuse of minors, or to put it bluntly, baby killing.


Our own John Elliot made us aware that both the upcoming Dante's Inferno and Fairytale Fights games have achievements for culling the cute ones. In fact the International Nanny’s' association has something to say about the “Bad Nanny” award. With controversy always surrounding games, whether its sex, drugs or killing 'little sisters', just how far would gamers go to get the perfect score. I understand the need for moral choices, but the fact Dante's Inferno specifies 'un-baptized' children; is this crossing the line?


Deal of the week


This weeks Deal of the week comes over from our friendly sponsors games101! Only a few weeks old, Guitar Hero 5 is rocking the charts and is now only $77.95 for all platforms. That’s still $10.00 cheaper than the console exclusive ODST. While you’re at it, why not pick up some kit with the guitar hero guitar case only $29.95, now you can travel in style, just like a real musician.


Games101 is also offering FREE FLAT RATE SHIPPING within Australia when you purchase two or more products up till midnight Friday, 30th October. Use the code "FreeOct" at checkout to get your free shipping site wide. They have also discounted several big name titles till Friday. So grab a bargain while you can.


Off Topic Game


29th Oct- The much anticipated release of GTA: Chinatown wars for the PSP finally makes it way to Australia. A whole one day before The Ballad of Gay Tony hits shelves, PSP owners can grab a slice of China Town mayhem with a five star rating.


The recent release of Soul Calibur on the PSP has also gained high praise for seemingly porting the entire experience over to the handheld without any loss of quality. God of War fan boys will also be excited to know that Kratos is now a playable character alongside new boy Dampier a slightly eccentric mix of the Joker and Voldos fighting moves (with a very active mustachio might we add!)


This weekend there is something for everyone either on the XBOX or PSP with a taste of Grand Theft Auto to go around.


Next week


So that’s it, just a few things to keep you going. Check back on Friday for a full breakdown of the week’s events. Join us next week as we look at off topic Iphone applications and we talk about the ongoing debate of the R 18+ ratings. We hope you enjoy the weekly Humps, as much as we do!


Article Written By Ian Crane