AAG Feature: The Wednesday Humps (AAG's Mid-Week News) 18th November 2009

18th November 2009 – Join me gamers for another big Wednesday Humps, as we take some time out to collect ourselves in the onslaught of games that continue to rain down. Later this week Assassins Creed 2 drops not to mention Left 4 Dead 2 and the juggernaut that is Modern Warfare 2 has been released. Project Natal also features in the wake of MS announcing a November 2010 release. So it's only fitting that my rage this week is directed at none other than those head munching un-dead themselves, zombies:


Nerd Rage

To be fair, zombies are pretty nerdy, and once again this week all the rage in video game land. But across the way, in the twilight so to speak, Vampires are rising up and claiming the heart of young girls everywhere. So why then do these brain dead troglodytes dominate so much of our game-time! Are Vampires too intelligent, do they not deserve the same amount of content and care as their degenerate cousins. Even werewolves have more show time than the humble vamp.


Well, while not in direct competition, games have certainly allowed a more colorful cast of zombie to emerge, smart, fast or generally as people put it: 'Infected Human'. Yes zombies have become so mainstream that its offensive to call them by their name. Political correctness gone rife. Now we have to call them 'infected humans'? I spose Twighlight Vampires are different to the ones in True Blood. There have certainly been a few good games to expose the extent of the Vampire society and in the end, don't zombies simply make better cannon fodder?


Show your love for zombs vs vamps here


Deal of the week 

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Off Topic Game

Project Natal:

Facial recognition- check

Voice recognition-check

3D Spacial recognition-check

Full body control- check

Originally Microsoft was skeptical about when Natal would actually be released but this week the cover was blown as they announced a November 2010 release no doubt to co-inside with next years dash update and also a slew of games for the holiday period.


So what have we got so far; a ricochet brick-busting ball game, and Milo the creepy empath kid with a fancy for drawings. From the video it would seem you can also grab a photo of yourself and go nuts- dressing yourselves up for the next social gathering. Now my fantasy of virtual cross dressing can come true!


While rumors still float around about Fable 3 being completely motion controlled, can I really be bothered waving my arms 100 odd times to smite my foe. And Milos'friend' female option; Kate, lends itself to all sorts of over 18 adult perversions.


As it turns out; Natal is actually a place in Brazil, so if the big Microsoft project loses face they always have an out.


Next week

So that’s it folks, more humping than I know what to do with! Check back on the weekend for a full breakdown of the week’s events and join us next week as we look at more things that make nerds angry with even more deals of the week!


Article Written By Ian Crane