6th June 2010 - In this week’s Week That Was there have been a few more exciting games released. The racing destruction extravaganza of Split/Second came out on PS3 and Xbox 360 is sure to be a favourite among racing fans or anyone who really likes to blow stuff up. The two platforms also shared Backbreaker, Wii had Enclave: Shadows of Twilight and Wizardology.


Xbox 360

Microsoft have taken steps to earning themselves a lot more fans, and a pretty big dose of positive karma after holding a contest at the Games for Health conference where the AbleGamers Foundation took part in building a handicap-accessible Xbox 360 controller. It looks as if Microsoft may now be widening its horizons and looking at manufacturing these controllers so less fortunate gamers can enjoy playing the videogames we so often take for granted. If they do go through with this, which they really should, then Microsoft might turn the tables on Sony and with their new found market, take the console race.


A new trailer for F.E.A.R. 3, exclusive for E3 has been let out onto the web. And yes, this is the actual video, you aren’t going to have to listen to Never Gonna Give You Up again, I made sure. This third instalment of the F.E.A.R. franchise is looking shinier, bloodier than and just as terrifying as the first two. We’ll have to wait till E3 for more on this promising game, but until then watch the video HERE to comfort (or scare) yourself.


It was a big week for Gears of War fans as 10 new Gears of War 3 screenshots were released by Epic and Microsoft and they are gorgeous! View them HERE!


Ubisoft has sent fans wild trying to decipher the image for their new project Unravelling the Shadows. The picture on the new site https://www.ubiworkshop.com/ looks part Assassins Creed, part Prince of Persia. Though there are a lot of clues in the picture (below) suggesting it might be the new protagonist for Assassin’s Creed 3. The symbol up the top has the letters A C and there is an eagle landing on the dark figure, as well as (how it was with the first two) there is a long, bloody blade coming down from the man’s hand.  It all looks very AC to me. Though nobody quite knows if this is even for a video game. It could be a comic book series or anything really. But if it is indeed the new AC set in Egypt, it will be a radical facelift of scenery and character from its predecessors.

Playstation 3

Square Enix have something up their sleeve in regards to Project X. David Hoffman has been vague in interviews about the upcoming PR announcement, but is sure that it will “make the media do a double take”. People can only speculate as to what this new Project X can be, but if it is indeed big enough to stun the media and fans, then Square Enix may just change the flow of videogames from here on out.


However, in other Square Enix news, they are being sued by two (and probably after news of the lawsuits break, a lot more) people whose PS3 consoles have been destroyed by Final Fantasy XIII. There have been multiple cases of people playing FFXIII and then when trying to save, the console freezes and will not play any form of media afterwards. Though Square Enix was quick to blame Sony for a bad console, Sony counter acted accusing SE of manufacturing faulty disks. Neither have accepted blame for the damages or stepped up to pay the $5 million to the complainants.


Following the way of film, it looks like 3D video games may be the way of the future. E3 appears to be the set to which the three platforms will be releasing their 3D games to see if audiences embrace it the way they did with movies, though EA, along with a few other game publishers aren’t so sure about 3D. As it is with movies, 3D will not be right for every game, and there is a risk that some future titles will be ruined if done in 3D. It might come off as gimmicky or make games become too much about 3D and not enough focus on story line and game play. With the new game releases and 3D, Move and Natal, this year’s E3 will be packed and no doubt the biggest gaming event of the year.


In other Playstation 3 news this week, Sony and Guerrilla have released the Killzone 3 E3 Teaser trailer! Have a look at this awesome video HERE! Also, GameInformer have released the July cover of their magazine and it reveals none other than InFamous 2! The first InFamous was an electrifying experience, so news of a sequel will please Playstation 3 owners.


Nintendo Wii

In even more Square Enix news, the company is producing a series of WiiWare games that are all about throwing things (for the sake of collecting candy and protecting blue gems) and have something to do with paper bears. While Square Enix seems to master in games that are a little detached from reality, this can’t help but make me wonder if they have gone completely loopy. From what has been said so far its set in a picture book, the levels are either pages or chapters and its puzzle based, which isn’t surprising because figuring out what the damn game is about is puzzling as it is. Enough puns. These games should become clearer when they begin work on the English version, but since it is Square Enix, there’s a good chance it’ll stay this odd.


In the console race in Japan this week, the Wii has been beaten by the PS3. The PS3 won by just over 500 consoles with 20,987 units sold. This might just be the first few signs of the Wii beginning to slip from first place in the global competition. Shamefully, the Xbox 360 was almost nowhere to be seen on the pie graph this week with only 3546 sales, but that’s pretty much expected in the land of the rising sun.


This week’s other news in brief:


- Natal and Justin Bieber as a package deal? Natal may have just shot itself in the foot.

- Beyond the generic female lead.

- Sick of white guy heroes? So is this man? 

- Ask video game super genius Shigeru Miyamoto any hard gaming questions you want.

- The price war between PS3 and Xbox 360 rages.

- Chocobo’s Dungeon hate-fest.

- Fallout: New Vegas Collector’s Edition officially confirmed for Australia and New Zealand.

- Michael Jordan to Grace the cover of 2K Sports NBA 2K11!


- Nintendo Connection Tour 2010 Announced & Dated.

- Wii version of Call of Duty: Black Ops will "blow you away".


Article By Sarah Jane Neighbour