AAG FEATURE: THE WEEK THAT WAS #41: QuakeCon 2010 and Pre-GamesCom 2010 Special

AAG FEATURE: THE WEEK THAT WAS #41: QuakeCon 2010 and Pre-GamesCom 2010 Special

18th August 2010 - Gamers, young and old- welcome back to the latest week in gaming news #41 that is sure to get the water cooler talking. We have just had QuakeCon 2010 on one side of the world and with GamesCom starting today on the other. We will have a GamesCom roundup in our next “The Week That Was”. Read on to see how the big 3 faired this past week or so:


Kicking the new releases into gear for the week starting August 15:


- PS3/XBOX360 & PC: Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days

- XBOX360/PS3: Dark Star One: Broken Alliance

- Nintendo DS: Legend of Kay

- Nintendo DS: Dragon Quest IX:Sentinels of the Starry Skies

- PC Exclusive: Elemental: War of Magic


Before we tackle the heavies, can I just say that it is nice to see the PC enjoying a break for once, in a month where consoles were left in the dust. Both Civilisations V and Tropico IV provided strong competition not to mention Settlers VII. On top of that WOW expansion Cataclysm gives Warcraft new legs, and of course Starcraft II takes out the single best game for this month (and probably the next one too!) 


In less positive news, Real Time Worlds was rumoured to be in decline again! After only just releasing APB to the masses (except Australia!): rumours on this front though are being told, false. To top it off, Quakecon is the supreme example of just how well multiplayer PC gaming is going, with Quake LIVE releasing in browsers around the world after 18 months of public Beta. Quake LIVE is as good as it was almost 15 years ago.....



The MS Juggernaut had an interesting week of teasers miss-information and denials, as the ever reclusive John Carmacks' big QuakeCon announcement was not Doom IV but RAGE... on the Apple Iphone 4. Microsoft seems to be treading murky waters, where nothing is sacred and everything is up for grabs. Carmack ever ready with new tech, showed off their new IP RAGE, running smooth on the hand held with a promise of DLC packs and more to follow when the full console version hits in September next year! This barley even registers as MS news except that Carmak has predominately been loyal to PCs and Microsoft in general over the years.


The big news of course, came from neither GamesCom nor QuakeCon instead floated high above both as Bioshock: Infinite was announced in a private unveiling. Although not set for a release till 2012, the original Bioshock team, 2K Australia/2K Boston (now back to being known as Irrational Games) are at the helm this time with a 1913 era steam punk floating dystopia in the sky, industrial revolution style (about 50 years too early) It's a very different direction for the Bioshock franchise and with XCOM still to come out next year (Think 1950s Bioshock on Earth) still a long way off.


In other news, Monday night Combat hit the Live Arcade with one week to go until the Winter wraps with Lara Croft. Bioware released even more DLC as the hype for sequels continues. Also this week’s release of GameInformer has a slew of content on the new Batman Arkham City. Treyarch announced Black Ops Zombies and the world got its first look at Deus Ex Gameplay.



If you missed it, the Deus Ex: Invisible War gameplay is looking exceptionally sweet as the consoles were left reeling for information after a dry few months. Big new over at Sony is gearing up for the launch of the PS MOVE, with full retail prices and comparisons now coming to light over the KINECT models.


Also, it seems that Sony has lost the exclusive PSN title Trine with Trine 2 announced for all platforms including Steam and LIVE. Trine came to the front as a PSN and Steam exclusive platforming puzzle game with some of the best graphics to a downloadable title.


Hidden away in the entrails of gaming past, is a nasty rumour that a Sony smart phone is in the works, combining the PSP (Go) and conventional Smart Phone. Seems there might be some truth to it after all, and you won't be waiting long....


GamesCom provided the backdrop this week for Tekken and Streetfighter to have at it, with series produces talking more smack than a kick in the guts as they promoted both Tekken X Streetfighter and Streetfighter X Tekken, two games in two different universes, with, well- two different engines: The Streetfigther X game will show-off the new ink style and crazy combos associated with the game...just with the Tekken crew thrown in for good measure. Tekken X is pure Tekken, more realistic 3D and forcing the Streetfighters to the same rigid button combinations as Tekken fame.



Nintendo had it's hands full releasing Dragon Quest IX this week in a good month when platform exclusives are few and far between and this game is ruling the charts. 


When gaming news fails you can rely on Bond, James Bond to deliver the details as, if you haven’t heard 007 Goldeneye is getting the golden makeover- but for the Wii. Another exclusive that is sure to get fans riled, those wishing for the Hi Def port of their N64 classic are of course going to have to wait...or convert.


Also just to mix it up, Duke Nukem might not be as dead as first thought (can anyone really kill him?) Yes, the boot wielding Pig-Cop killing misogamist is returning to a DS near you, which frankly, is worse than the alternative.


The weeks other new in Brief:


- Arkham City is burning

- Expect more Halo Games, just not from Bungie

Quake LIVE, goes.... live

- Starcraft II cleans up the month of August nicely

- Scott Pilgram game, better than movie?

- Sackboy Beta plus other Little BigPlanet news


So that's all folks, for this our 41st week that was. In the next month or so expect a deluge of games, both Indy and AAA across the arcade networks and PC inter-webs. Very soon the 3 month bum-rush before Christmas will begin, so strap in and get ready!


Article By Ian Crane