AAG Feature: Top 10 Game Sequels We’d Love to See

23rd October 2010 - Games Sequels are all the rage right about now. This year alone is seeing more games get sequels than ever before, even when some don’t really need them. That’s what they call a cash in right there. But for some games, sequels, even when they don’t continue the same story, are downright essential. Be it for pleasing the fans, taking a series in a new direction, showing us a different point of view on a factor we already know and love, there are a ton of reasons. So today, we at All Age Gaming are looking back at the modern classics and the greats, and bringing to you a list of the greatest potential video games sequels and reboots (in no particular order). Take a look…


Legacy of Kain

Series Developer: Silicon Knights (1996)/Crystal Dynamics (1999-2003)

Latest Release: Legacy of Kain: Defiance (PS2/Xbox/PC, 2003)

One of the, if not the greatest Vampire based gaming series of all time. The story was immense, the gameplay was groundbreaking and the entire series wound together with tie-ins and sequels like magic. Simply put, the Legacy of Kain series was, and still is a masterpiece. Lets not forget the great characters that inhabited the game series, like the titular Kain and my personal favourite Raziel. It was these awesomely designed and fleshed out characters that really made the series. Now just imagine the quality gameplay of the likes of Blood Omen 2 and Soul Reaver in stunning HD Graphics with tuned gameplay mechanics and greater narrative and you’ve got yourself a recipe for pure modern day gaming gold.


Possible?: Depends how you look at it; Crystal Dynamics have been reported as saying they are only working on Tomb Raider titles now, but that could change at any time. The series has a large following who would love to see such a game, but this is a question only time will tell the answer to.



Developer: SouthEnd Interactive

Release: Deathrow (Xbox, 2002)

Time and time again I like to crack out the ol’ Deathrow and boot up a few good matches, and with good reason; the game, even when played today, has managed to stand the test of time and still plays like nothing since. Deathrow was a critical success and garnered some great scores around the place, but its commercial success (or lack of) held it back from becoming the popular series it deserved to be. A HD sequel to this great action/sports game would be a welcome one indeed and with all the modern networking over the PSN and LIVE, Deathrow 2 could very well be an online masterpiece and one of the greatest team based online sports games on the market.


Possible?: Very, but no time soon. SouthEnd responded to me questioning a possible sequel saying that they are open to developing a sequel but haven’t any publisher attached… And if nothing else, that sounds promising to me!


Jade Empire

Developer: BioWare

Release: Jade Empire (Xbox, 2005)

One of BioWare’s more unique games, the king of RPG’s Jade Empire was an instant classic and immediately gathered a large devoted following. Unfortunately, this following was never fully satisfied as no sequel or successor to this plausibly great series was ever developed, despite being hinted at time and time again. There is no denying the power a game with such deep combat and Role Playing progression has over gamers, and there’s no denying that if you enjoyed the original, a sequel would rock your socks off!


Possible?: It was rumoured a bit back in 2007, but we haven’t heard anything since. Looking at BioWare’s current catalogue of top-tier RPG franchises Dragon Age and Mass Effect, it’s a highly unlikely that we will see anything anytime soon, if ever.


Call of Cthulhu

Developer: Headfirst Productions

Release: Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth (Xbox/PC, 2005)

Not really a direct sequel, but what im talking about here is simply another game set in the phenomenal universe of Lovecraftian Mythos, Cthulhu in particular. The game wouldn’t have to follow the same story or be set in the same town, but something using the same base mechanics and story telling ways would be unbelievable with some of the things developers these days are capable of. Imagine a game set in this world and developed as high-quality as something like Heavy Rain in terms of narrative. It would blow gamers minds away and definitely be a must-have for every Lovecraft fan. Being my favourite author, I would have to say it couldn’t just be another action/adventure game without ruining the horror foundations the Cthulhu Mythos is based around, but something like that could work also if executed properly.


Possible?: Very unlikely! Not the least because of the Dark Corners developer Headfirst Productions being a now defunct company; Lovecraft isn’t exactly popular material and with the increasing costs of quality game production, something with such a small installed fan base, even with its high game potential, probably wouldn’t be a move a published would want to make.


The Warriors

Developer: Rockstar Toronto

Release: The Warriors (PS2/Xbox, 2005)

Based around the cult 1979 Action film of the same name, The Warriors was a punch in the face to all other similar games on the time. It was a non-stop action-packed beat ‘em up which has stood the test of time. Its gameplay was addictive, fun and above all, the lasting appeal of the games co-op mode wa unparalleled. A sequel of this amazing action game would be a blast, especially with the potential for updated graphics and bigger sandbox maps like the first had. Such an underappreciated gem, and definitely one deserving a revival on today’s modern consoles.


Possible?: With a proposed Warriors film remake in the works - which at one stage had Tony Scott attached - there is a possibility that if it goes through, we may be seeing a new game, even if not a direct sequel, grace our consoles. There isn’t much news about the movie though, so don’t hold your breath.


Road Rash

Series Developer: Electronic Arts

Latest Release: Road Rash: Jail Break (GBA, 2003)

That’s right, Road Rash. We’ve all played one, and I bet until you just read that, most of you had completely forgotten about it. Just think, all the guts and glory of furiously ripping others off Motorcycles at high speeds on busy roads in glorious HD graphics and online play? My God, I can’t think of something much better than that! It’s a classic series and one that I personally think would be very successful if EA decided to do a series reboot. Don’t you?


Possible?: Yes... Yes, indeed. In 2008 we were shown a tech demonstration of a new Road Rash game in the works. It was very basic and non-rendered, but the gameplay looked like a masterwork. Since that video we haven’t heard any news of such a thing and any information is scarce to come by. With no official announcement of the game, it does seem likely that such a thing still exists today and may possibly be revealed in due time. Pray with me, fellow optimistic gamers.


Shadow Man

Series Developer: Acclaim

Latest Release: Shadow Man: 2econd Coming (PS2, 2002)

It may not have been overly successful both critically and commercially, but it gathered a devoted cult following crying out for a sequel. Based around the comic book of the same name, but sharing very little with it, Shadow Man was a very dark, very mature gaming experience the likes of which was a very rare occurrence for the time it was released. In fact, it still is today. A series reboot would be a great addition to the scarce Horror genre of today, or ever a remake the original game to make up for the lack of genuine awesome of the ‘2econd’ instalment.


Possible?: I want to say yes, very much so. But its kind of hard with such a lack on evidence to back it up. There were some strong rumours back towards the end of the last-gen lifespan but we haven’t been given anything since and the once-great Acclaim went defunct in 2004. It’s a shame really, but we can just hope that whoever holds the licensing to the games wants to give us another crack.


Eternal Darkness

Developer: Silicon Knights

Release: Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem (Game Cube, 2002)

Possibly the Game Cube’s greatest game (speaking from a hardcore gamers perspective), Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem was an absolute masterpiece of the horror genre, taking it in so many new and unique ways that haven’t even been touched on by most games in the genre today. Its storytelling was highly-praised and practically everything about the game screamed ‘more!’. It wasn’t as commercially successful as it deserved to be, but Eternal Darkness is a game that really should have been turned into the next big Horror series.


Possible?: Absolutely! Although nothing official is announced, Silicon Knights have said a handful of times that a series is on the cards based around the story subjects of Eternal Darkness. Currently with an unannounced title being developed for multiple platforms, one can only hope Silicon Knights is going to be announce something soon, and one can hope further that whatever it is is better than 2008’s Too Human.


Jet Set Radio

Series Developer: Smilebit

Latest Release: Jet Set Radio Future (Xbox, 2002)

A killer soundtrack, a great concept and amazing execution; Jet Set Radio had it all, and Jet Set Radio Future took it all to new heights. A game about roller-skating around and ‘tagging’ up the joint may not sound fun, but boy did this series take a good few nights right out from under me as I was glued to the screen trying to beat the game. It brings back a lot of fond memories to think about it, and is definitely something worth checking out seeing as Jet Set Radio Future is backwards compatible on the Xbox 360.


Possible?: There’s nothing to indicate otherwise, but I personally don’t think we will ever see another instalment. There are rumours of one of the games being released on the XBLA though, so keep an eye on that!



Developer: Rare

Release: Conkers Bad Fur Day (N64, 2001)/Conker: Live & Reloaded (Xbox, 2005)

It was inevitable; a list of best possible sequels just has to have include Conkers to be considered readable! The original was a stellar title, has got itself a cult following and is known for one of the best multiplayer experiences of all time. The remake was completely faithful to the original, besides its ‘revamped’ multiplayer mode. But now couldn’t you just imagine what a sequel would be capable of? Imagine the classic multiplayer modes redesigned and thrown into a sprawling online community! Imagine the slew of new gags and characters a new story could have! And now imagine us down in Australia’s censors having a say about it! Ok, don’t imagine that last one, you might not make it to the end of the article, but the rest would be pure genius!


Possible?: My say - certainly! I think its entirely possible for a new Conker game for us to embrace in the future. It may be a while, but with Microsoft behind Rare now, and the constant outcry for more of this great game, its certainly a possibility. But this could simply translate to a remake for the XBLA, but either way, im sure im not the only one who would be jumping for joy!


Note: ‘Possible?’ section is the opinion of the individual writer and should no way be looked at as official information of any sort and does not necessarily provide the opinion of All Age Gaming.


There you have it, dear readers! A Top 10 list of all the greatest possible sequels and reboots that my small brain could fathom up. While there are a ton of other great series that deserve a sequel, that’s all we had room for, so let us know what sequels you would love to see.


Article By John Elliott