AAG Feature: Top 10 New IP’s of 2010

29th December 2009 - All Age Gaming have looked at the games that have been announced for 2010 and for this article we looked specifically at the new IP’s coming our way. As most of you know, there are a stack of potential AAA new IP games that are planned to come out in 2010, so we’ve narrowed it down to just 10. In no particular order they are as follows….


Alan Wake
We were first introduced to Alan Wake through a teaser trailer way back in 2005, and have slowly been leaked more and more detail; but still not much. Alan Wake looks to blow the survival horror genre away with unparalleled storytelling and visual phenomenon that will result in the game being ones of the years most innovative and immersing for sure. From what we’ve seen, Alan Wake has the best lighting effects and environmental atmosphere since the original Bioshock, perhaps even better. One thing’s for sure with this game; the survival horror genre is going to have to step it up something fierce in the future to hold a candle to Alan Wake.


Another Secret Agent-based PS3 exclusive (couldn’t you at least share one with Microsoft, Sony?), the Agent is a very hyped-up action/adventure game, based in the last 1970’s during the cold war; a time where a secret agent really could have came in handy... And that’s all we know. But that hasn’t stopped gamers from all over the world shaking in their boots about this game, which developers Rockstar North (the guys behind GTA) have said is “an amazing job combining intense action, atmosphere and story in a great period setting to create something that feels quite unique.” Sounds like our kind of game.


This was the first game that comes to mind. To put it simply; Rage looks amazing. It’s been said that the game will put this generation of consoles to the test more so than any other game ever has. Its intelligent blend between a few genres we love means its sure to a hit with everyone; First Person Shooter, RPG, and what is most important that you realize is a major part of the game; Racing. That’s right; it’s a First Person Role Playing Racing Game. The story seems like a shameless rip-off of Fallout, but that fact aside, the from what we’ve seen, Rage is a stunning action game set in a great wide world and with plenty of variety. This one is at the top of my most wanted.



The game is already getting some great reviews from around the world, so I bet you’re wondering what’s so special about the game. Well, it’s a straight forward combo based hack-slash-n-shoot your way through copious amounts of enemies game. But I tell you now; doing so has never looked so damn good, and felt so right. The game has some very stylish moves courtesy of the drop dead gorgeous protagonist,  Bayonetta, whose hair is her clothes, weapons and defenses, and also has some of the best controls ever intertwined  into a console game. Bayonetta is a huge title, and one of 2010s biggest, and perhaps best games. If you’re a fan of amazing set pieces, high octane action, frighteningly ferocious enemies, or just a beautiful femme fatale, then Bayonetta is the game for you to be excited about.


Heavy Rain

Little is known about Heavy Rains plot, but the one thing everyone who knows anything know about this game is that it is set to make a mark. Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream was the masterminds behind the much underrated Fahrenheit back on the original Xbox and PS2. That’s enough to have anyone who played said game on the edge of their seat. But Heavy Rain looks to be even more superb than that slice of greatness. Done in a similar style, with the game playing out as sort of like a movie, and a completely unique control scheme means that the game is sure stand tall on its own without any sort of genre competition. Heavy Rain is a story driven adventure which will surely take down some of next years biggest titles, and is definitely one that will go down in history. Too bad for all you Xbox 360 owners that this is a PS3 exclusive. If there’s even been a time to up and buy the opposing console, its now.


Bethesda’s latest slice of heaven comes in the form of a first person shooter which blurs the lines between single player and multiplayer. The entire single player campaign can be completed as a competitive multiplayer game, and although that sounds like an extremely difficult thing to pull off successfully, we believe Bethesda partners Splash Damage, the guys who made the multiplayer phenomenon Wolfenstien: Enemy Territory (no, not that hunk of junk released last year, although they did make that one too) can pull it off. A sure-fire contender for multiplayer game of the year, Brink will stop hearts and pull a crowd.


The Agency
A PS3 exclusive in the console world, the Agency will have Xbox owners cringe and crying for a similar game. The Agency is a completely online MMORPG game that allows for fast paced shooting action from a third or first person perspective. The action looks intense, and the detail great, but there next to no word on the story of the game. But given it’s an online game, who really cares. Anyway, one thing is for sure; The Agency is one game every PS3 owner is going to want to get their hands on.


Alpha Protocol
One of the many games that was pushed back to a 2010 release from a speculated fear of Modern Warfare 2s high sales figures. Of course, each had their own excuse (yeah, right). But moving on, Alpha Protocol looks none the less a great RPG with very diverse play styles which can be custom tailored to suit your liking. A mix of action, stealth and adventure, Alpha Protocol also gives players a decent amount of humor, something missing from games quite a bit these days. This is one to keep an eye on, and one for all you action RPG lovers out there.


Ride to Hell
A heavily story driven game with a deep sense of realism, as a Vietnam veteran returns from his living hell to find the world as he knew it changed beyond belief. He finds closure in a motorcycle gang and the tale sky rockets into a drug and action filled adventure like none other. Ride to Hell is an open-world game very similar to Rockstars GTA (after all, the games developers Deep Silver used to fly the flag as Rockstar Vienna), and while there are always an abundance of games like that, this one looks to beat the competition and take you in, so keep your eyes peeled for more info on this one.


The developer compares this to the 3D Zelda games from the 64. That’s more than enough info to sell into the record books. But if you’re still not convinced, know that Darksiders is a very stylish hack-n-slash game with puzzle elements, large, open worlds, plenty of variety and most importantly; an abundance of fun. As one of the first releases of the new year, Darksiders looks to be the first must-have game of 2010, and one which will no doubt warrant a new breed of gaming; the Darksiders series.


Well there you have it, some awesome new games coming our way in the new year! Bring it on!


Article Written By John Elliott