AAG Feature: Top 10 Sequels of 2010

30th December 2009 - The year ahead of us, 2010, is being dubbed ‘the year of sequels’ by some due to the extremely high amount of amazing video game sequels that are set to be released over the next 12 months. Now, to cut down on the talk of what’s what, All Age Gaming brings you the Top 10 Sequels that should hopefully come out in 2010. While some of the sequels will sit back and play it safe, the ones below are expected to push the boundaries and set new standards for their respective franchises. These series installations are endeavouring to leave a bigger mark than all the new IP’s joined at the hip. Don’t believe us? Then feast your eyes on this mouth watering list, in no particular order.


God of War III
The game that revolutionized hack-n-slash adventure games gets its second sequel in God of War III, another PS3 exclusive to add to the list and surely one of 2010s most violent games. With other similar games looking to push the genres boundaries, I for one think that the God of War series will hold its ground against any and all competitors, because this time around Kratos looks to take gamers to even more stunning set pieces than even before, and he even looks as if he’s been hitting the gym a little too often because we’ve never seen so many badass, violent and all round awesome moves in one game. Whether the game will surpass its hype or not is yet to be seen, but that won’t stop it from being a vicious hell-ride full of fantastic gore and spectacular scenery.

Gran Turismo 5
This little baby has been in deep development for over 4 years now, and is one of the most expensive games ever made. It features more cars than we’ve ever seen in a racing game, more detail to the cars, loads of beautiful tracks to race these cars around, and will tickle the fancy of more car-lovers than anything. Ever. There isn’t one thing not to look forward about this game, and it will no doubt be the biggest selling title of the year. Countless demos, mini-games and portable spin-offs have been released for this game, and by the time the final product arrives, everyone with a PS3 is going to want to jump on this bandwagon, and even people without a PS3 are going to want to get their grubby little hands one just for it. Racing games are about to be taken to new heights.


Crackdown 2
The game market is riddled with what people are referring to as ‘GTA’ clones, despite most of them being better – or least many refreshing, enjoyable and innovative – than their compared counterpart. And Crackdown 2 is especially not an exception. The first was overlooked as reviews and Xbox nay-sayers threw the hurtful words ‘GTA clone’ around like a $10 bill at a gentlemen’s club, but they couldn’t be more wrong. The first was an amazing game, and the second is looking like one the best sandbox game of the year. As a genetically enhanced super-human enforcer (sound familiar, anyone?), known as an ‘Agent’, you will have to traverse the massive Pacific City and put a stop to massive amounts of crime, and this time around, super-human mutant monsters that spread infection and destroy anything and everything when darkness falls over the city. Crackdown 2 features more customization, freedom, action and even fun than the original game, and saying that should be enough for every gamer to be on the edge of their seat, because the original was a whirlwind of enjoyment, least because of the free Halo 3 Beta you got when you purchased it.


Splinter Cell: Conviction

In the console world, this game is one of Microsoft’s biggest exclusives of the year. The games been hyped up for the past two years, and looks absolutely amazing. It takes the series in a completely new direction and will surely be one of the biggest games of the year, and most certainly the best the series has seen. As usual, you take the role of Sam Fisher; secret agent and badass. Only this time, he’d beefed up a little on the badass, and been completely stripped of his position as secret agent.

Bioshock 2
The first game in the series is one of the most critically successful games this generation, and took the world by storm with its dark and atmospheric storytelling and mix between a shooter and an RPG. The first was developed here in Australia, but now another one of the 2K studios has taken helm, and even ditched the originals creative director Ken Levine. This is the reason some doubt shrouds this games shadow, but worry not. It will still be a huge game and sure to satisfy the cravings that everyone who played the original has had since the moment they beat the final boss; more Bioshock. This time we also get a little slice of Multiplayer goodness which is looking better and better by the week.


Mass Effect 2
Ah, here we have one yet another anticipated game that looks to improve on every aspect of the series. Mass Effect may not have been a very revolutionary game, but it sure pushed millions of gamers every button. It remains one of the most enjoyable RPG's this generation, and is still played and replayed regularly. And as the first game to give players the ability to continue over from the save of the first game on the Xbox 360, Mass Effect 2 is looking like the RPG of the year, unless some more little secrets pop up on the radar. Galactic travel and unlimited choice has never been so damn exciting!


Max Payne 3
What will perhaps be the action game of the year, the Max Payne 3 announcement came out of nowhere and had millions of gamer head-over-heels that the much loved series was making a grand return on the current generation of hi-def consoles. And with Rockstar under its butch hood, the game is sure to a fleshed out and well developed return to glory for the renowned hero. Although he has taken a sharp turn in his appearance, Max is still the same old gun slinger you all know and love and arguably even more badass this time around. Here’s to hoping the revolutionary bullet-time feature is still securely in its place.


Final Fantasy XIII
One of the most anticipated games of the year will be the newest installation into the massively popular Final Fantasy series. Square Enix have promised the biggest, most immersive game of the series and by the looks of things, they didn’t lie. The graphics look groundbreaking (even to today’s top games), and although it may use the same old combat system we’ve played a little too often for the past decade, the game still looks like its up to the challenge of being one of the largest and most addictive games of the year. And although there is only little doubt of it being beaten as RPG of the year by BioWare’s gaming giant, Mass Effect 2, it’s sure to sell by the million.


Red Dead Redemption
The game takes a completely different tone to the first game, “Red Dead Revolver”, now being delivered as a full-scale sandbox game reminiscent of another Rockstar game you may have heard of; GTA. Only this baby’s set in the good old’ wild west of the turn of the 20th century. A welcome change as the game looks great, and is already being considered as one of the most likely GOTY nominees for 2010. Red Dead Redemption has been promised as being huge, spanning into two countries, and with a lot of land in between. A recent gameplay video confirms its shear velocity and even shed some light on the previously unknown gameplay, which I must say is beautifully animated and the graphics look superb.


Halo: Reach
Come on, does this one really need a description? It’s the next Halo game and has been called the biggest game of 2010 by some high-up people in the gaming industry, not just the proud fathers of the series. If that isn’t enough for you, know this; more Spartans, squad based action, more weapons and more action. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Over the next year during the run-up to the game more details are sure to be released. This will be huge.


So there you have it, 2010 is set to explode the gaming world from the inside out, with a unheard of array of amazing new IP's, (as seen in our Top 10 New IP’s article HERE), series revivals, new sequels (expected and not), and games to please fans of every genre. Get ready to break open the piggy bank, because 2010 will drain hours of your days, days of your life, and dollars from your bank.


Another mentionable for the year 2010 is the rise of the motion controller. Microsoft’s Project Natal and Sony’s Motion Controller will take flight towards the end of the year and it will be interesting to see their implementation. With the Wii hitting the mark with the casual market, can Microsoft and Sony’s motion controllers entice casual gamers towards their respective consoles whilst exciting the hardcore gamer with new experiences?


Article Written By John Elliott