AAG Feature: Top 5 PS3 Games To Own This Holiday Season

9th September 2009 - It’s that time of year again. That's right, the summer holiday season! The time of year where there's a great game or two released every week, and you just want to own them all! But you can't right? Then it’s a good job All Age Gaming has come up with this list of the 5 must have titles for your PS3 over the holiday season to help you decide just which games you're going to buy, and there's something for everyone! Take a look...

5. Tekken 6

They just don't make as many fighting games as they used to these days. But it’s a good job that when there is one made, it’s fantastic! Tekken is one of the longest running fighting game series and one of the most popular too, so it’s no surprise that Tekken 6 is a must have this holiday season. It features the largest character roster in Tekken history and some amazing graphics to go with it. Tekken games have been on the PlayStation since the beginning, so it’s good to see the PlayStation 3 finally getting the Tekken treatment.

Not only does the sixth installment have such a large roster, consisting of 40 fighters, but it also features a character creation tool which allows for limitless customization of your character. You can also take your custom made fighters, or just use one of the pre-made ones if you prefer, online and take on the world in one vs. one and tournament matches. Tekken is also the most complex fighting game on the market, with each and every character having a unique fighting and combo system. So, you can’t go past Tekken 6 this summer if you’re in the mood for a fighting game, not only because it’s the only one being released, but because of how great it promises to be.


4. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Modern Day treasure hunter Drake returns to embark on another action filled adventure into the unknown. This time, you'll be controlling Drake on his quest to find the missing fleet and treasure of famed explorer Marco Polo. This adventure will take you to the most exotic locations on Earth and have you taking on foes with all new gameplay elements, which look to be a turning point for action adventure games. The game also promises to include never before seen amounts of thoughtful exploration around these beautiful locations.

Uncharted 2 is developed entirely with the ground-breaking Naughty Dog Engine 2.0, which gives gamers unparalleled blend of cinematics, gameplay and particularly graphics. With no loading times during your exploration in the vast landscapes and action fueled battle moments, Uncharted 2 will give you a very real feeling of cinema quality to your gaming experience. Top off this great experience with all new gunplay and gameplay elements, and you've got your adventure game of the year right here. Be sure to get your hands on this as soon as possible once it releases.


3. Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham Asylum put players in the shoes of the Batman as he battles his greatest foes as the Joker takes over and unleashes them from the infamous Arkham Asylum. The madhouse is filled with lunatics just wanting to get their hands around Batman’s neck, and in such force, they may just have a good chance. This helps take care of the Batman for the Joker to continue on with his 'real' plans. It’s up to you to stop him and put an end to his fiery reign. This is the first truly great Batman game ever made, and will certainly be up to the challenge for contender of 'Game of the Year'.

In the tradition of other atmospheric games built around a stunning environment like Bioshock, Arkham Asylum's game world will have you sucked in and stuck there for hours upon hours at a time. The game features many, many different ways to initiate your attack on your enemies with the many different gadgets that Batman’s famed for. How you take out your opponents, which can range from lowly inmates to the overwhelming Bane, is entirely up to you. You even have Batman’s awesome stealth skills at your disposal, which you will need to incorporate into the equation in order to have victory over the islands inmates. Batman: Arkham Asylum really is the most unique must-have this summer.


2. Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo 5 will give players access to the largest number of cars ever seen in a console racing game, with over 1,000 unique, completely tunable vehicles. It will also give players 80 real-life tracks to take their dream cars for a spin on. This game has been a long time coming, very long. In fact, PS3 owners everywhere have been waiting for this since the release of the PlayStation 3 console, almost 3 years ago now. Gran Turismo games have been the pinnacle of racing simulators since the late 1990's when the very first game was released, creating ground breaking realism for the time. And the fifth installment looks to do the same thing for this, and future generations.

With Sony yet to confirm a solid release date, they indicated at GamesCom 2009 that a quarter 4 2009 release is on the cards. Therefore, as the greatest racing game due to be released on the PS3 this year, it seems the obvious choice over the likes of Need for Speed Shift. In fact, it seems the obvious choice over nearly every other game, racing or not. No game has ever given such content, in quality and quantity. Gran Turismo 5 will absolutely be the one game every single PS3 owner should have in their collection. After all, the game has been in development for over four years with 150 people working on it. With this amount of production, is there a guarantee of anything but complete and utter success and possibly the greatest racing game ever made?

1. M.A.G.

True, other shooting games, well nearly all of them, take you online to battle it out. So what's so special about MAG? I put my money on the fact that it’s the largest scale online shooting game ever created. MAG, which is actually short for the rather descriptive 'Massive Action Game', sees 256 players pitted against each other in all out tactical war. The maps are beyond huge and the teams broken up into squads and platoons allowing for great tactical strategies if the communication is present. Never before has any game given such limitless possibilities on the battlefield.

MAG is the must have game this summer for your PlayStation 3, and will go down in history as probably the biggest leap forward in online shooting games ever. This could spawn a huge line of followers trying to mimic its scale. The PSN community will flourish at this games release and MAG will allow for you to get your friends together and really think out your attack like never before. It’s this array of options you have for fighting, which are literally limitless given the size of the maps that make MAG look so damn great. You do not want to miss out on this one. See you on the battlefield.


Runner ups.

There are far too many great title being released this summer, so in addition to the top 5 given above, here are just a few more notable titles that only narrowly missed the final list. Indulge yourself;

- Assassins Creed 2

- Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising

- Brutal Legend

- Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2


Article Written by John Elliott