AAG Feature: Top 5 Wii Games To Own This Holiday Season

AAG Feature: Top 5 Wii Games To Own This Holiday Season

13th September 2009 - Well, well, it looks like another end of year season is almost upon us. This year is a big one for the Wii, with sales from the Xbox 360 and PS3 quickly catching it. Nintendo know they need to throw some big titles at us by the end of the year, and that's just what they are doing. So many big titles in fact, that we at All Age Gaming decided to help out by putting together a little list of the top 5 Wii games to get this holiday season. And, like usual, it looks like this season is going to be ruled by Nintendo's most iconic figure; Mario. This year’s trend seems to be leaning towards to the classic 'On-Rails' shooter, with two hot games of the genre being released. Hope this helps narrow down the selection. Check it out...

5. Metroid Prime Trilogy

Over the past few years, we've seen the beloved side scrolling legend Metroid and the hero Samus turned from being just that; a beloved side scrolling legend, to a more modernized Metroid Prime, a first person shooting series that pushes Nintendo's boundaries. And it does it so damn well. The Metroid Prime series was a phenomenal success on the GameCube, and also later when it was released on the Wii and now players that missed any of the amazing games can jump right back into it as the Wii gets the release of the Metroid Prime Trilogy, a pack including all of the three exception first person shooters. The story follows intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran as she fights to stop the damnable Space Pirates in the three tales, which come on a single, dual-layer disc.

If any gamers out there missed any of these games the first time around, they owe it to themselves to pick this pack up and experience the whole story of Nintendo's greatest first person shooter series. No game on the Wii gives players such a great action/adventure experience as the Metroid Prime trilogy does, and the game is so good that it rivals the biggest and best games on all other consoles, which is saying something for a Wii game. Even gamers who played the adventure in its entirety the first time around should pick up this pack and relive the adventure entirely on the Wii as its use of the nunchuck control and motion sensor really make it worth the expense, which I might add is great for three blockbuster titles, as its priced as that of just one game.


4. Dead Space Extraction

Last year saw the release of Dead Space, a highly detailed survival horror set within the depths of space. This game was never seeing the light of day on the Wii, but these holidays, the Wii gets its very own game from the series. Dead Space Extraction is a prequel to the scare-fest and takes the previous games third-person view and gives it a fresh first person perspective and plants players securely 'on rails'. The games story is that of a handful of survivors of the Aegis VII colony as they fight for their lives against the Necromorphs, Dead Spaces own diabolical alien infection. While most on-rail shooters force the player to simply go in one direction, Extraction lets players choose their path on the multiple branching paths they will be presented with during gameplay and also allow them to undergo the task of solving puzzles in order to progress.

This game will be a must have for any fan of horror games and shooters in general, as the Wii never got the privilege of experiencing Dead Space the first time around, and with the games unique setting and enemies, not to mention the fact that you can blast your enemies to bits with the games large supply of awesome weapons and dismember and decapitate your way to victory, its one series you don't want to be out of the loop with. It looks to push the boundaries of the Wii with its many gameplay elements and rather stunning graphics, so strap yourself in for a horrific tale of the supernatural that proves that the Wii isn't just a child’s toy.


3.  Need For Speed NITRO

Perhaps the only notable racing game being released on the Wii this season is Need For Speed NITRO. But this just isn't because there’s a very scarce amount of racing game on the Wii altogether, but because NITRO really looks great. It’s unlike anything ever seen in a Need For Speed game before, and like usual, will give players loads of highly customizable cars from the hard-hitting muscles to the zippy tuners. The difference between this NFS game and the many others released each year is that this, like many Wii game, is aimed at more casual gamers than the usual supply of hardcore street-racing fanatics that NFS usually has bowing before it. It looks to take a nod the old Need For Speed games as it features more arcade style racing and doesn't try to add on the realism factor, allowing for some out of control street racing fun, and of course, includes some nail biting police officers determined to put a stop to your high speed enjoyment.

Why this should be a sure thing to add into your game collection is that apart from maybe Mario Kart, there just aren't any decent racing games out there on the Wii. Need For Speed NITRO is a game that could have very well been released on all consoles as it would do exceptionally well and please all audiences, but it’s one of those rare games that the Wii has tightly in its grasp and although others want it, they just can’t have it. Fans of classic racing fun will love NITRO for its fun-loving arcade style and even hardcore fans will get enjoyment from it with its fully customizable catalogue of a large range of cars from the classics to the most modern, luxurious racing vehicles. This is the next step in Wii racing games, so whether you just want a little pick up and play title or a racing game to get into, NITRO is for you.


2. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

A more mature take for a Wii game, The Darkside Chronicles is the latest addition to the famed Resident Evil series, and a Wii exclusive too. A new take on the series, The Darkside Chronicles sees players fighting against their own 'inner demons'... Literally. You can play as Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy, two of the most well-known characters form the series. The game takes the form of an 'On-Rails shooter', just like its competition for the season, Dead Space Extraction. With a handful of new features thrown in the game, and a well-developed Co-op mode, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles is the scare game of the year.

Any game with a decent Co-op mode is always a blast, especially one that uses the Wii's 'Zapper' controller to give the feel of the good old days spent drowning the House Of The Dead arcade machines in dollars before running out right before that damned boss, without the running out of money of course. What sets this aside from other on-rails shooters on the Wii (like the aforementioned House Of The Dead, and the anticipated Dead Space Extraction) is it uses a new, revolutionary evade move, to help fight the games ghoulish monsters and gives players the ability to flank their enemies. Not to mention the never failing game gimmick of upgradable weapons. Everyone loves to upgrade their killing machines, so get ready to have some serious co-op fun wiping out your evil inner demons. Although Dead Space Extraction looks to give The Darkside Chronicles a run for its money, this will certainly be the on-rails shooter of the year, with its classic characters and weapon customization.


1. New Super Mario Bros.

The number one Wii game of the holiday season, if not year and heck, if not in the consoles entire life-span is the New Super Mario Bros. We ALL know and love Mario and every game the little fellow headlines is full of fun for gamers of all ages. Over the years we've had numerous spin-offs to Mario, from Mario Kart to Mario at the Olympics, and ever Mario Tennis and Mario Party. The star of over 100 games, a feature Hollywood movie the a few seasons of his own television show, Mario has done it all. There is always a new adventure for Mario, and they're usually done in a new way. But this year we will see the iconic hero take a turn for what could be the best, and return to his roots. Throughout his entire virtual career, no Mario game has quite matched up to the original Mario games, as the side scrolling legends they are. Not so much a remake of the original, more of a re-imagining. The New Super Mario Bros. will give players an all new adventure in the classic style, with a slight tweak from modern science to give players the modern feel in a stunning 2.5D world, where Mario lays waste to his 2D challenges as the little 3D man he deserves to be.

You may be asking yourself 'Why is this the must have game of the season?', and it’s because simply, this is the new Mario game. This is the Mario game to set all standard for future games featuring his antics, and the best and most appropriate chance to relive the excitement of the classic Mario games if you were too young to experience it yourself. There is no doubt that this is the most anticipated and most impressive Mario - and Nintendo at that - game since Super Mario 64, and one you will not want to miss out on. There is untold amount of fun to be had in the classic Mario universes such as this, and what better way to have it than with an all new adventure and slick graphics on the most advance Nintendo console ever made? Happy gaming.


Runner ups.

There are more great games than just these 5 coming this season, so here are a few that we just missed out on being on this year’s list;

1. Wii Fit Plus

2. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash Up

4. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games


Article Written by John Elliott