AAG Feature: XBLA Block Party Round-Up

11th April 2010 - Now that March is past us, we take a look at Microsoft’s big ‘Block Party’ stunt. The basic idea of it was to release 4 major Arcade hits in the one month, one a week. And to say the least it seems to have been executed rather well.

Playing with Toys
First up on the Block Part was Toy Soldiers. This is a basic tower defence game, but with a few twists to really make it stand out, namely the ability to control each and every unit with stunning detail. The result was a fan favourite that appealed to both genre fans and newcomers alike.
AAG Score: 8/10
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Scrap that, Sarge
The second week of March seen the release of the second Block Party title; Scrap Metal. This tried to do what Toy Soldiers managed; to appeal to genre fans and newcomers. Only thing? Scrap Metal failed. The game is a mix between the old RC racing games and car combat games such as Twisted Metal, and it seems that the only thing carrying Scrap Metals poor delivery is its fun multiplayer.
AAG Score: 6.2/10
Full review HERE.

The return of the living Dark
The Block Party’s third release was arguably the most anticipated. A remake of the all-time classic Nintendo 64 shooter Perfect Dark, this was a return to form for the series after the shocking 360 sequel. The game is a perfect remake with updated graphics, gameplay and everything in between. A fine example of how a port should be executed, and one that will surely be played thoroughly online for a long time to come.
AAG Score: 9/10
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Going out with a bang
To end the massive arcade month was the release of highly acclaimed Game Room. This serves as a customizable hub and store for playing and buying all manners of classic arcade games. With only a few out now, Aussie developer Krome Studios promises over 1 Thousand titles within the coming years. Top the game with excellent community features and a strong nostalgia following, and you have yourself a top title and one that really stand out from the crowd.
AAG Score: 9/10
Full review HERE.

There you have it people, 4 full reviews for 4 huge arcade titles. It will be hard for developers to top these great XBLA games, but stay tuned, as promises of Earthworm Jim to make a Xbox appearance in the near future and Joe Danger really shaping up to be something, there will sure to be some competition.

AAG Block Party Pick
Out of all these great titles, Perfect Dark would have to be the most essential your gaming collection. Sure, the rest of these Block Party titles bring their fair share to the table, but none match the pure classic feel and top-quality gameplay of Perfect Dark. After all these years, Perfect Dark is still an amazing feat in game and level design and it really shines through the few little flaws to make itself a great shooting experience and one of the most important shooters in video game history. Do yourself a favour and get your hand on Perfect Dark, AAG’s top Block Party release.

Thanks for reading folks. Why not tell us what you think was the best block party title in the comments section below?


Reviews & Article By John Elliott