AAG: The Friday Frag #1: Apt 117

8th October 2010 - Global Financial Crisis got you down? Too many games, and not enough time? Is your little brother hogging the TV to watch Bob the Builder while you could be pwning N00bs with your friends in the latest FPS... Well Fridays are here!! which means tomorrow is the weekend. Here at AAG, we treat every day! like the weekend, but Fridays are special indeed. So starting today, and every other Friday we are going to feature some of the lighter side of gaming, relevant but otherwise off topic non-games that should get you relaxing for that glorious 2 days of gaming- First up: 



Apt 117

From the Universe of Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Wars, Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach, comes a satire of one average, boring man and his Halo obsessed room mate. Debuting on XBOX LIVE this this year (in Halo Waypoint no less) the free series, features the animation talent of the same guys who made the Penny Arcade game and on a more serious note Risk:Faction "The last great Animation studio in the free world".


Curiously 343 Studios, the same studio that now own the Halo Franchise are helping to put this together so clearly the future of the Halo Franchise is... ... in good hands. Man boobs aside, XBOX LIVE could use a fresh injection of comedy and this self depreciating series could be just what the fanboys ordered.


If you can't wait for more idiots to make a mockery of your favorite past time then you could always check out:





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Article by Ian Crane  - Wishing you a happy Friday everywhere!