AAG Impressions: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 demo - Xbox Live

AAG Impressions: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 demo - Xbox Live

22nd May 2009 - The demo for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is now downloadable on Xbox Live. It comes in at a hefty 1.57 GB.

In the demo you get to play 2 holes at the Bethpage course and 2 holes at the Turnberry course. You can also practice these holes aswell. In practice mode you can place the ball anywhere you want to so you can practice all kind of shots.

There is also one Tournament Challenge which is where you get to replay an old event in Tiger's history. In this demo you are tasked with trying to copy what Tiger did in the 2001 Championships where Late in the 3rd round, he sank an unbelievable birdie putt to pressure the field. First off you watch Tiger tee-off and hit his shot to the back of the green. Next it is your turn to try and hit your tee-shot within a yellow circle on the green that is near where Tiger hit it. Once you have achieved that, it is time to watch the amazing put that Tiger hit. Once you have watched this amazing put, it is your turn to repeat it. It doesn't matter how many times it takes you to get it as it lets you do it again and again. It took me 5+ goes.

Also contained in the demo are a list of new features that will be available in the 2010 version and the new courses etc.

In terms of the graphics for the 2010 version, everything looks great. The players and courses are highly detailed.

Tigers Woods PGA Tour 10 has a greater TV style presentation this year with 2 commentators, score overlays of what's happening in the round and realistic cheers from the crowd that surrounds you when taking your shot.

Overall, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is looking like it will be a winner. EA have surely nailed the golf game market.

Written By Craig Cirillo