AAG Feature: The Week That Was #43

22nd October 2010 – Gamers, welcome back to an epic #43 of The Week That Was! We are surely in the thick of it, with games raining down left right and centre, not to mention the live events and cons in the lead up to Christmas (happy birthday Nintendo!). As we round out the month we just happen to coincide with that little international holiday called Halloween which also sees a bumper release of all things zombie across a number of platforms. If you still have any cash left over, The fun continues into November, but you could almost forgive us for not posting as much news as usual, though not from lack of wanting; find out why after the jump - 

Sometimes game `journos have all the luck and sometimes we get too much. Here at AAG, in no uncertain terms we have been, snowed under. As much as there has been news to report there have been games to play and forums to create.


First up, if you haven’t yet, check out our brand spanking new forums, sign up now to meet the staff, but also take some time to look at the trade and sell section and the clans thread as well as our live community play dates. Then settle back as we rifle off the abundance of games we have been playing across all platforms: Medal of Honour, Castlevania, Fallout: New Vegas, Playstation Move titles, Enslaved, Comic Jumper, NBA 2K 11, Fable III not to mention: Super Meat Boy, Costume Quest, Dead Rising 2, and more DLC for Halo: Reach Left for Dead and Red Dead Redemption, Minecraft and Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock. Black Ops and Assassins Creed 2: Brotherhood and God of War: Ghost of Sparta are just around the corner, phew!


From the Editor

This week I want to keep it short and sweet to the point. At the time of publishing this, Blizzcon is well underway for another year with nary a blip on the console gamers radar. Last week though, another event went under the radar and yet made a global impact on so many lives. Almost ½ million dollars was raised across 18 countries and 3000 odd players in the Extralife 2010 charity event. That's only roughly $150 p/person raised in 24hr/s but with a 3rd still to do make up days this weekend it is something all gamers should feel proud of. There is a lot happening at this time of year, but it is very gratifying to see a collective effort of people take time out and effect change, with something we take for granted every day. And now, the news:


- Valve say Steam could never work on Xbox Live the way it is at the moment

- XBOX homepage gets a facelift in the wake of the update next month

- Fallout: New Vegas full of bugs and odd glitches. Still manages to excite legion of fans.

- DLC announced for Fallout: NV for XBOX first despite promises that no DLC would be released and Fallout would be left in piece

- Black Ops already leaked after a bunch of XBOX disks were stolen

- Oddworld: Strangers Wrath too large to fit on XBLA for download. May be a Playstation exclusive

- Fable II “accidentally” free to download in total from XBLA

- Kinect to launch with 17 titles at least.

- Enslaved only moved 80,000 copies. Still a good game.

- Windows 7 phone launches internationally: but no handsets are stocked in stores.


- Playstation Move shoots accurately

Resistance 3 headlines the Cons in all it's glory

GT5 delayed... again

- God of War and GoW II to arrive on PSN network but only for Playstation Plus

- Official 'Surround sound Bar' for PS3

- Japanese game makers are “5 years” behind

- X-Men Arcade

The Last Guardian, as good as Ico.

- Is Sony's 3D Broken


- Happy Birthday Nintendo. `Nindy celebrates 25 years of fun!!

Kirbys Epic Yarn is epic

Golden Eye


- Wii Sales all never going to be what they used to be- the Honeymoon is over.

- Epic Mickey is Epic

- 3DS all ready for launch

- iPad to beat Nintendo at it's own game?

- Nintendo Australia upgrades Wii console pack


The weeks other news

To round things out, Eurogamer Expo 2010 came and went as did a few other smaller events. Right now, is a prime time to get into some live events and action with in the last week; Ubi soft holding their annual UbiNights event, Fallout: New Vegas launching with dancing un-dead and Microsoft pre-showing, Kinect FOXTEL and Fable III at their HQ in Sydney.


Over on the PC Steam is still kicking goals with Valve revealing their new IP and Game is NOT Hal Life 3 sorry consolers, instead try DODA 2.0 (Defense of the Ancients) a “new” game of the popular War Craft 3 mod, previously endorsed by Blizzrd. It is yet to be seen if this makes it over to a console port. New Gams to Keep your eyes on are: Devil May Cry 5, X MEN: Legacy, The last Guardian, Alice: Return to Madness and Trine 2.

Right now though, my call of duty is back to the wasteland to be enslaved in a castle with zombies … or something to that effect. Until next time!


Article by Ian Crane