AAG's Detailed Microsoft X10 Press Conference Round-up

AAG's Detailed Microsoft X10 Press Conference Round-up

14th February 2010 - Back in 2001, Microsoft started a little thing I like to call the ‘X’ event, aptly named X01 back in the day. For the following years, Microsoft announced the majority of its big titles and surprises through this invite only event rather than E3, but ceased the event in 2006, with X06 being the last… Until now. It seems Microsoft believe they had enough announcements to revive the dead event, and it seems they couldn’t have been more right. X10 was loading with amazing announcements, and today, All Age Gaming brings them straight to you! Read on to find out how Microsoft are going to leave their mark this year…

Halo: Reach
Every day this becomes a little more anticipated by all who care to notice. X10 brought some decent news on this one, such as;

- Halo Reach Beta: It seems we now have an official announcement for this eagerly anticipated Beta. May 3rd will be the day we all dust off our copies of ODST to gain some mouth-drooling playtime with Bungies latest effort. If you failed to pick up your copy of ODST back in August last year, now is your chance to pick up the great game for cheap, but make sure it’s a new copy just to make sure you get your Beta key!

- Same old, Same old: Bungies head honcho announced that the game itself isn’t trying to do anything particularly new with gameplay and going to keep it in the same formula. The gameplays worked more than fine over the last instalments, so why change it? Like they say; If it isn’t broke, why fix it?

- Customize this: With customization options working exceptionally well for the likes of Call of Duty series latest few games, and to a lesser extent online Halo 3, it seems Reach is going to include appearance customisation for both online multiplayer and single-player campaign. This is music to many gamer ears, mine being one set that’s ringing with joy.

- Gi’s a peak: To finish off the Reach announcements, Microsoft showed off the games first ViDoc. And what a way to start! The video, which clocks in just under 8 minutes, looks at an array of the games aspects. To start with, we get a behind the scenes look at the animation process and get to spy a few of the faces behind the bulky Spartans helmets. We then get a look into how Bungie and revamping the games AI and enemy routines heavily, which is never a bad sign. To end the vid we get a look and listen at some sound recordings, which best of all, include a peak at the games newest addition to the ever great Halo scores. Bring it on Bungie!

Dead Rising 2
One of the years most enjoyable-looking gore fests and sequel to the massive cult hit Dead Rising, released way back in the 360’s life cycle. And staying true to the original, there is zombie guts galore in this bloody and beautiful instalment to the series. Take a look at some of the announcements to satisfy your inner zombie killer till the games release;

- Speaking of Which: X10 gave way some Dead Rising 2 release dates! Dead Rising 2 will hit North American, Japanese and European shelves on August 31st, September 2nd and September 3rd respectively. No word on us Aussies yet, but hey, we’re used to that by now right?

- Exclusive at heart: Xbox owners will be getting an exclusive little goodie via Xbox LIVE too, which one could say is a tribute to how the original was a juicy exclusive, rather than a multi-platform barrage of blood-and-bits. The goodie in question is no push over either, as it promises to tie in the years after the first games story with the second. No word yet as to what kind of game we can expect, but its sure to interesting to all us Dead Rising fans. Dead Rising: Case Zero will be released before Dead Rising 2 in case you were wondering.

Fable 3

Its not an Xbox event without something ‘Fable’ is it? And X10’s no exception, with some of the very first info and screens of the anticipated Fable 3. But whether its good news or bad depends on where you stand with your RPGs and series changes. Check it out;

- Getting pissed: Lead designer and gaming genius Peter Molyneux was quoted saying that Fable 3 will ‘piss off’ some fans. It seems the game has been more ‘Streamlined’, with no HUD and a visual health metre, alas CoD, rather than the classic big red bar, and experience now measured by your followers rather than actual game experience. Weapons however have a proper experience system, as the more you use certain weapons, the more skills and enhancements you unlock for them. I’m still puzzled as to who would be ‘Pissed off’ by these little changes, as Fable has always been about taking it in new directions and giving players something different from traditional RPGs, but each to their own suppose.


- Pub games be-gone: You may remember Fable 2 had its own little mini-game via LIVE Arcade, Pub Games. It was idealized for players to gain some dough before the game itself was released. But some glitches were found and players gathered millions unfairly. This made it widely despised and hated. Molyneux realizes this, so with the promise that Fable 3 will have its own ‘Outside Experience’ that will be fairer and more rounded than the previously mentioned Pub Games one cant help but wonder what. And given ol’ Pete proudly sported that it will be ‘Cute’, even further questions were raised. We will have to wait to get some details on this one though.

Xbox LIVE Arcade
Every year the 360’s revolutionary LIVE Arcade gets something new to make it even more enticing and mouth-watering, and this year look to take it even further. X10 had a few neat little surprises for our lovable Arcade. The Block Party, as its called, will kick off on March 3rd, with all its wonderful games being released from then on. Take a look;

- Finally Dark: After it was first announced a LONG time ago, we finally will get to play everyone’s second favourite N64 Shooter (Goldeneye, anyone?) on the 360. Rather than a straight port, Perfect Dark has been updated and revamped, but has kept all of its charm. And with some online multiplayer, this is sure to be a hit with all shooting fans and lovers of the classic shooters.

- The Room: Of course, we have all been waiting for a release date for Xbox’s The Games Room, and now we have it (sort of)! As part of the Block Party, The Games Room will kick off sometime after March 3rd, so start saving up some Microsoft Points people, as this will drain them quickly if you’re a fan of Retro gaming.

- Playing with toys: We all loved playing with and/or setting up those green plastic toy soldiers back in the day in all manners of awesome positions, so of course this game is going to give next to everyone out there some nostalgic loving and bring back some good old memories. The game is an action packed strategy game where you can relive and rein act all the trench filled battles of Europe. This is starting off the Block Party on the date of March 3rd, so prepare yourselves kiddies, cause this will huge.

- Scrap retail games: Who needs retail games when there are so many great XBLA games coming out? To top off the already great Block Party, Microsoft are throwing in a fast paced, action packed, top-down racing game, aptly titles Scrap Metal. Race around and blow up your friends in this stunning racer with a twist. With this slew of arcade goodness, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

That’s it for the big announcements folks, but enjoy these other little bits-and-bobs of news straight from Microsoft’s X10 event;

- Left 4 Dead 2 will be getting its first taste of DLC with ‘The Passing’. Players will get to meet up with the 4 original characters in the series in new campaign, co-op, versus, scavenger maps and more!

- As they promised, Valve haven’t forgotten the first L4D game either, with a DLC pack in the works for it too, which will give a smaller campaign which explains who the original ‘4’ ended up way down south with the new kids on the block.

- Lost Planet 2 is getting some Xbox-only exclusive goodies, in the form of a few recognizable characters to play as. Namely Marcus and Dom from Gears of War, and the badass Albert Wesker of Resident Evil fame.

- Crackdown 2 has gotten itself some pre-order incentives now, with 4 unique armour sets to run amuck in if you pre-order your copy of the game.

- Final Fantasy XIII’s release will coincide with the release of a Special Edition Final Fantasy console, complete with 250GB HDD, 2 Wireless Controllers, Standard Edition of the game, and unique DLC for the game, exclusive to the console. $400 In North-America, but no word yet for us Aussies if we’ll get it at all.


- Alan Wake finally has a release date; May 18th for North America, May 21st for Europe.

- More in Alan Wake news; pre-order to receive ‘Brightfalls Bonus Pack’, which includes avatar gear, an Xbox Live theme, and a ‘making of’ video.

- Even more Alan Wake news: special edition includes Behind the Scenes DVD, in-game commentary and hints, and an exclusive book titled ‘Alan Wake Files’. This all comes packaged in a nice looking Hardcover book style box.

And that’s it people. Quite an array of news for one day and one console, that’s for sure! Let us know what you think of any of these great announcements and games in our comments section below!

Thanks for reading!


Article By John Elliott