AAG’s Developer Profile #10: Capcom

AAG’s Developer Profile #10: Capcom

2nd August 2010 - In our 10th developer profile, we look at the renowned Street Fighter series developer Capcom.


Developer Name: Capcom Co., Ltd

Subsidiary Of: Independent

Founded: 1983

About: Capcom have been making games and taking names since 1983. That’s nearly 30 years, and since the first games the legendary Japanese developers gave us to the games they release today, one thing is for certain; Capcom have always been, and will continue to be for a long time to come, one of the worlds most talented and innovative video game developers.

The company is responsible for creating at least 15 Multi-Million unit selling franchises, from the beloved Mega Man of old, to the always frightening and constantly engaging Resident Evil series. Its this kind of dedication to amazing franchises and the general observation of simply how many different types of games one Developer can excel at that make Capcom stand out from the rest of the age-old developers still around today.

As a major Developer, Capcom has a legion of employees working all over the world (the reason for its copious amount of games), and a ton of old and new subsidiaries and branches. These includes Headquarters in Asia, America and Europe, with even more further branches off these studios.

While Capcom may now be recognized as a console developer, the company actually started way back on Arcade machines in the early 80’s, and to this day still populate the larger arcades with their top-tier fighting games, not to mention others.

There is no telling just how far Capcom will go, and how big their beloved franchises will be, but any gamer who knows a thing or two will tell you that these legends of the gaming world aren’t showing any signs of slowing down, and certainly look to keep the world guessing, judging and enjoying high-quality titles for years and years to come.

Due to the extreme nature of Capcom’s developed video games list, we are simply detailing some of the companies more popular franchises and games.

- Street Fighter Series (1987-2010)
5 Main series, with countless re-releases, remixes, reboots and spin-offs
- Mega Man Series (1987-2010)
There are well over 100 titles in the Mega Man series including spin-offs
- Resident Evil/Biohazard(Japanese Title) (1996-2009)
Most popular Capcom series - sold over 40 Million Units
- Onimusha (2001-2006)
- Devil May Cry (2001-2008)
- Monster Hunter (2004-2010)
- Lost Planet (2008-2010)
- Ace Attorney (2001-2009)
- Dino Crisis (1999-2004)
- Final Fight (1989-2006)
- 1942 (1984-2008)
- Dead Rising (2006)

Upcoming Games
- Street Fighter X Tekken (TBA)


Article By John Elliott