AAG’s Developer Profile #14: Gearbox Software

19th April 2011 - In our 14th developer profile, we look at Brothers In Arms series and Duke Nukem Forever developer Gearbox Software.


Developer Name: Gearbox Software


Subsidiary Of: Independent


Founded: 1999


About:  When a company starts out being trusted to create expansion packs for one of the world’s biggest games, you know they’re something special. And that’s exactly how Texas-based developer Gearbox started; creating top-tier expansion packs for the almighty Half-life.


Going on from their humble beginnings, Gearbox is now the world renowned creators of 2 highly successful new franchises, including the hugely popular Brothers in Arms series.


With a handful of highly anticipated titles in the making, Gearbox show no signs of slowing down, and continue to remain one of the worlds premier independent games developers, catering to a wide variety of games for almost every system on the market.


Notable Feats

Brothers in Arms

One of the respected war series in gaming, Brothers in Arms are a series of WWII-based story driven action games dealing in the gritty realism of the world war and the challenges certain soldiers face during their time served. With 3 main games, and a whopping 7 spin-offs already released, the series continues to thrive to this day, with a new main game title in the works.


Duke Nukem

After 12 years of definable development-hell, Duke Nukem Forever was finally guaranteed a release with Gearbox purchasing the IP rights of the series in 2010, and taking over the final stages of the long-awaited sequel to the king of FPS games; Duke Nukem Forever. With an upcoming release, Duke looks to make a comfortable home on modern consoles and (hopefully) settle in and stay put with future releases and titles.

Past Games:

- Half-life: Opposing Force (PC, 1999)

- Counterstrike [with Valve Software] (PC, 2000)

- Half-life: Blue Shift (PC, 2001)

- Half-life [Port] (PS2, 2001)

- Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 [with Neversoft] (PC, 2002)

James Bond 007: Nightfire (PC, 2002)

- Halo: Combat Evolved [with Bungie] (PC/Mac, 2003)

- Counterstrike: Condition Zero [with Valve Software, Ritual Entertainment and Turtle Rock Studios] (PC, 2004)

- Halo: Custom Edition (PC, 2004)

- Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 (PC/Xbox/PS2, 2005)

- Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood (PC/Xbox/PS2, 2005)

- Brothers in Arms: D-Day [with Ubisoft] (PSP, 2006)

- Brothers in Arms DS [with Gameloft] (DS, 2007)

- Samba de Amigo [with Escalation Studios] (Wii, 2008)

- Brothers in Arms: Double Time [with Demiurge Studios] (Wii, 2009) Note: this is a double-pack of the first 2 BiA titles ported for the Wii.

- Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway (PC/Xbox 360/PS3, 2008)

- Borderlands (PC/Xbox 360/PS3, 2009)


Upcoming Games:

Aliens: Colonial Marines (PC/Xbox 360/PS3, 2011)

Duke Nukem Forever (PC/Xbox 360/PS3, 2011)

- Rumor Alert: Brothers in Arms: War Hero (PC/Xbox 360/PS3, TBA)

Unknown Game (TBA)

Article Written By John Elliott