AAG’s Developer Profile #2: Rocksteady Studios Ltd

28th March 2010 - In our second Developer profile, we profile the independent studio who made great waves in 2009, Rocksteady Studios.


Developer Name: Rocksteady Studios Ltd.

Subsidiary Of: Independent

Founded: 2004

Relatively new to the games industry, Rocksteady Studios already show signs of greatness. Back in 2006, they released an unfairly-unknown first person shooter going by the name of Urban Chaos: Riot Response. Those of you lucky enough to have played this marvellous game will remember it for its unparalleled innovation in the FPS genre and head-popping riot shield fun. Throw in a hefty supply of fast and very brutal action and some wonderful slow-mo headshots, and you just painted perfect picture of what the game is like.

Rocksteady’s studio is located in High Gate, North London and believe it or not, is actually a converted factory, designed specifically to balance the wonders of game design with an open and inviting environment. Although still an independent company, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment recently purchased the majority of shares in the company. However Square Enix Europe (Edios), have announced they still have 25 a percent stake in the company.

More recently than Urban Chaos, and arguably Rocksteadys big step out into the spotlight was the great Batman: Arkham Asylum (AAG’s 2009 Game of the Year). The first truly great Batman game in many years and surely one the company will be remembered for, Arkham Asylum was a near-perfect action-adventure that will remain in our hearts forever.

Currently working on the sequel to said Batman game, aptly titles Batman: Arkham Asylum 2, Rocksteady show no signs of backing down. Only time will tell how successful this still-young company will become, but if their previous two games are anything to go by; the sky is the limit for these guys and galls.

Previous Games:
Urban Chaos (PS2/Xbox, 2006)
Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3/PC/Xbox 360, 2009)

Upcoming Games:
Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 (PS3/PC/Xbox 360, 2010)


Article by John Elliott