AAG’s Developer Profile #3: Remedy Entertainment

11th April 2010 - In our 3rd developer profile we have a look at Alan Wake developer, Remedy Entertainment.


Developer Name: Remedy Entertainment

Subsidiary Of: Independent

Founded: 1995

About: Remedy Entertainment is a Finnish Game Developing company, best known for being the creators of the best-selling Max Payne series. It developed the first 2 games in the series, however the third title is currently under development by Rockstar Vancouver. But that hasn’t stopped these top-tier developers from moving on. By now, we’ve all of course heard of Alan Wake. Originally being revealed at E3 back in 2005, Alan Wake has been in development for over 5 years, and the progress has shown. Every week now we get more details into this juicy thriller, and every week its looking better and better. Set to be released this May, and exclusive to the Xbox 360, prepare yourself for one hell of a thrill ride.

But enough of Alan Wake, we at AAG will bring you more details and a full review in the coming weeks. Remedy haven’t just been responsible for countless hours of action-packed enjoyment either. The company created the ever endearing Final Reality, a 3D accelerator program used for all manner of game and media development. This quickly became an industry standard and soon had to have its very own co-company created; FutureMark, which turned Final Reality into 3DMark, which has moved over 20 million units in its time.

From their humble origins of Death Rally (recently re-released for PC for free) way back in 1996, to their up coming Alan Wake, Remedy Entertainment are one of the most ground-breaking and innovative game designers and developers today. Alan Wake is released this May, published by Microsoft Game Studios.

Past Games:
Death Rally (PC, 1996)
Max Payne (PC/PS2/Xbox/GBA/Mac, 2001)
Max Payne 2 (PC/PS2/Xbox, 2003)

Upcoming Games:
Alan Wake (Xbox 360, 2010)


Article By John Elliott