Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam DLC Review

2nd January 2011 - It's finally been released, the first slab of Bad Company 2 DLC to utilize the games full multiplayer experience. Titled Vietnam, this expansion is what some would call a successor to the PC Classic Battlefield Vietnam, only recreated for use with the new DICE hit Bad Company 2 and with just enough upgrades to cater to the new Battlefield audiences expectations. But is this expansion simply a rehash of the classic Vietnam game with Bad Company thrown in there, or is it in a league of its own?

What do I get and why do I want it?
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam gives you a totally new experience for the Bad Company crowd. Its arguable that most Bad Company players are simply ‘console gamers’, so the Vietnam experience of old-school PC LAN Parties and early broadband gaming is most probably not a familiar thing to lots of BC2 players. This Vietnam expansion offers much more than a rehashed old PC game though. Its its own monster, and should be looked upon as such.

Giving you 4 entirely new maps (and a 5th unlockable when certain community challenges have been met), a handful of new vehicles and a total of 15 brand spanking new weapons, including the almighty Flamethrower, Bad Company 2: Vietnam is a great addition to the game. The levels are all created with the usual Battlefield charm and cunning design, and are all playable in all of the main games multiplayer modes; Conquest, Rush, and the squad battles. I must say that the maps are best enjoyed in Rush mode due to the long deign of the majority of them, but that’s not a problem. In fact, some of these maps are the best ive seen in a Battlefield game, with more cover, detail and the smart design that makes the signature Battlefield gameplay come to life, than ever before. And the fresh Vietnam setting for environments, weapons, vehicles - well, pretty much everything, even the menus - make this one hell of a great experience for Bad Company fans.

One thing I must admit being a little disappointed about was the fact that are given free reign to all of the weapons from the get-go. There is no new levelling system, and while it is good to just earn points and ranks for your main Bad Company score, its sad to see no new progression for those wanting more of a reason to play. But hey, multiplayer isn’t about levelling up anyway - its about having a good time and enjoying the game.

How much does it cost?
You get this little expansion pack for a solid 1200 Microsoft Points. That’s only about 15 of our Aussie dollars, and it gives you more playability than most other shooters main multiplayer experiences can ever hope to match.

The new maps are all top-quality and rival any and all of the main Bad Company 2 games’ maps. The new weapons all manage to get players mixing it up all the time, resulting in no two battles feeling the same. That is of course, until you get one of those matches. Yeah, you know the ones. The ones where you get into the game to find all of the bases are taken by the enemy and they’re sitting just outside of your base with tanks and snipers - F--K! Good thing then, that for the most part, such nuisances have been removed from the game with the new system of not letting enemy’s come into your own Headquarters/home base! It’s a great addition to the overall DLC and does nothing but add value to the package.

Conclusion - Is it worth it?
Is that a serious question? Of course its worth it! Bad Company 2: Vietnam is one of the best pieces of DLC ive even had the pleasure to play, and defiantly feels like more than just more of the same. It’s a solid effort by any standards, and adds supreme value to the already great award-winning Bad Company 2 multiplayer experience. All of the new content is wonderful, and if anything, it brings back a lot of the good old memories that you had before the likes of Halo: Reach and Black Ops had taken them away from you in order for their branding of the mind. It was a good move to release this so late in the year, because at the very least, it will remind everyone just why this game used to be the favourite online shooter. So do yourself a favour and get this. But make sure to get it while its hot!


+ New Maps are awesome
+ Good selection of new weaponry
+ Will get a lot of people back to Bad Company 2
+ More of the same, yet very fresh

- Still some camping/spawning problems
- Leaves you wanting more!


Reviewed and Written By John Elliott