Damnation - New Developer Video and Screenshots

Damnation - New Developer Video and Screenshots

Damnation - New developer insight video 'It's all About the Moves' 

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New developer insight video 'It's all About the Moves' demonstrates ways to

navigate through Damnation's immense vertical levels. To take the shooter off

the rails and out of the corridors, Codemasters® today released a brand new

developer insight video for Damnation™, the steam-punk themed action shooter

from developer Blue Omega. Now available to view or download via the link below,

the video features in-depth developer commentary from producer Richard Gilbert

and technical art director Carl Schell detailing the daredevil stunts

players can execute to traverse the vertigo-inducing levels on offer in Damnation. 

In Damnation fluid movement is the key to staying alive. Using a plethora of

acrobatic moves, players will be able to climb ladders, swing on poles,

use zip lines, flip up onto high ledges and dive through windows to

reach their goal. Intuitive navigation allows players to plot a course

through the environment, either to avoid the smart AI or to get to higher

ledges and rain down death from above using any of the steam-punk 

inspired weapons on offer. “You can really intuitively navigate through

the levels of Damnation as the game offers a degree of flexibility not

available in other shooters”, says Richard Gilbert, Producer.

“If you’re blocked by a gate and there’s a window right next to it,

you don’t have to run around looking for a key-card, just dive through the

window! It’s all about seeing a path and choosing to take it.” 


In addition to the extensive single-player campaign, Damnation will also deliver

drop-in-drop-out co-operative online play and innovative multiplayer modes.

Taking advantage of the scale and height of Damnation’s levels, new game

types, alongside traditional deathmatch and capture the flag modes,

are given a vertical twist where players have to balance firepower

and agility and can kill or be killed from any direction. To download the new

developer video, click on the link found on the following Atari page below.