Dante's Inferno - Trials of St. Lucia DLC Details

5th February 2010 - With Dante’s Inferno released just this week, its not surprising that the developers have already announced the games first slab of extra content, as that’s the way it always seems to be these days.

The DLC has been announced as ‘The Trials of St. Lucia’, and is based around the titular character Saint Lucia of Syracuse, who is actually present in the original Divine Comedy, fitting right in and keeping the game centred around said poetry piece.

The Trials of St. Lucia will include:

Online co-op play: The DLC will give players the ability to play through the content online via a tantalising co-op mode, which is a nice little treat to add onto the single-player only game.

Player Creations: The pack will also include a player creation mode, in which players can make and create their own ’Trials’, placing and planning out the waves of enemies as they see fit. Once finalised, these trials can be uploaded to LIVE or PSN for all to play, rate and trade around.

As a game that only comes packaged with single player content, this is a welcome addition, and from what we’ve seen in the early previews, well worth the price it will come attached to.

The Trials of St. Lucia is out April 29th, and has yet to obtain a confirmed price.


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Story By John Elliott