Dead Rising 2 Off The Record Revealed!

27th July 2011 - Frank West is back in the game and as the star of Dead Rising 2 Off the Record it is only right that he is the focus of the newly released pack shot shown above. Scheduled for release across Europe on October 14th for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, the title is a reimagining of the Fortune City incident at a great mid-price. Featuring new content, new Psychos, new combo weapons and vehicles, plus the return of the camera function, Dead Rising 2 Off the Record will retell the action from Frank’s inimitable perspective.


Showing he is not afraid to embrace new technology Frank has made the move from print to online and is busy posting details of his ‘Wilderness Years’ here and even found time to compile some of his best bits from the original game here


Got Dead Rising 2 save data? If so, Dead Rising 2 Off The Record will give you access to Chuck Greene’s stylish Kadoya Jacket.

Pre-order activity with European retailers will be confirmed shortly.