Deus Ex Offers QR 'Easter Eggs'

Deus Ex Offers QR 'Easter Eggs'

5th September 2011 - Deus Ex: Human Revolution, one of the highest-rated games of the year, contains a number of unusual – and secret - 'Easter eggs' for diligent gamers to find. The Easter eggs, which come in the form of QR codes, requiring a barcode scanner to decipher, can be found hidden in the game's futuristic dystopia, and also, in the real world.


Treasure hunters can begin their quest on the official Facebook page of Dues Ex: HR developer, Eidos Montreal. QR codes can also be found on promotional material, such as advertisements for the game, and in several other locations. The feature is a novel 're-imagining' of traditional Easter eggs, which, historically, have been confined to the digital environment.


Anybody who has scoured the Capital Wasteland for Vault-Tec 'bobbleheads' in Fallout 3, or sought to decipher the Spirit of Arkham's murderous rants in the most recent Batman title, will no doubt be aware of how tedious and, more often than not, unrewarding, an Easter egg hunt can be, offering little more than an Xbox Live 'achievement', upon completion.


However, rather than simply viewing the Easter egg as a game-expanding, but otherwise useless, addition, the the developers behind Deus Ex: HR have added significant value to their bounty hunt, by offering real-life rewards for completion.


The first 1,000 gamers to discover 10 QR codes will be given a special Deus Ex: HR 'theme' for the console of their choice, while a lucky ten people, upon the collection of all 21 QR codes, will be given something rather more unique. The top prize is a limited edition version of Deus Ex: HR, bundled with an action figure of the protagonist, Adam Jensen, and a pair of Deus Ex-branded headphones.


If hunting for digital booty in a bleak future is not your thing, you can wile away the hours with something a little less cynical, by watching sketches from Afternoon Delight, the new comedy series from Reeves and Mortimer.


Article written by UK guest writer Sofie Olsen