Discover your dark side on November 27th

Discover your dark side on November 27th

25th August 2009 - Capcom is pleased to confirm that its highly anticipated Wii title Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles will be available at retailers across Europe from Friday November 27 th.

RETDC retraces the steps of Leon, Steve and Claire through the terrifying ordeals of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil Code Veronica but does so from a whole new perspective.

A keen eye and a quick trigger finger are a must to stop the undead onslaught with success being rewarded by new insight into the Resident Evil universe and the dark secrets of its main protagonists.

For those who want the ultimate arcade shooter experience Capcom has teamed up with Nintendo to deliver a Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles and Official Nintendo Zapper bundle pack*. This is the first time Nintendo has allowed a 3rd party publisher to bundle a game with its Official Zapper in Europe.

*This official RETDC/Zapper bundle is currently only confirmed for European territories.