Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2

6th June 2009 - Our newest team member Asuka Shinn has written his Hints and Tips for the Xbox 360 game: Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2. We hope this will help your game experience. 

Unlockable Pilots

These are the pilots you must unlock, after fulfilling all requirements listed check your terminal for a message which will actually unlock the Pilot listed.

A * after the name means this pilot can be permanently missed unless the right requirements are met.

Lacus - Clear Kira and Athrun’s story missions than go to Mission mode select Kira and a message from Lacus should be in your terminal read it and clear the given mission to unlock Lacus.

Lunamaria - Clear Shinn Asuka’s story missions go to the terminal read the message and clear the mission given, you must have Char’s Zaku II license in order to perform this mission.

Yazan - You must be on Good Terms (trusted or higher) with Yazan then join the Titans you will receive a message in the terminal if your trusted enough, complete the mission.

Sleggar - Using a Female Pilot become friends with Sleggar once friends or trusted he will send a message to your terminal complete the given mission.

Ghingham - After joining Dianna/MoonRace faction complete only the first mission; have your relation at affinity or more with Ghingham in order to receive a message in the terminal clear the mission to unlock.

Glemy* - Join Axis with Glemy as a friend he’ll send a message asking if you’ll aid him in a rebellion agree and clear the mission to unlock.

Four - Clear Kamille’s story missions in mission mode read the message in your terminal then clear the given mission to unlock.

Cecily - Clear Seabook Arno’s story missions to unlock.

Dozle* - Join Zeon and clear each mission given do not participate in Char’s rebellion.

Quess* - Playing as an ordinary character (not a newtype or cyber-newtype) become trusted or more with Quess until you receive a message from her about an “old-type becoming a new-type” than participate in Nanai’s mission which you should receive after a few space battles and become a cyber-newtype. Then participate in ten more space missions whilst having three or more pilots as friends to receive a mission from Amuro clear this mission to become a new-type and Quess should send a message which will unlock her.

Gyunei - Selecting Quess for mission mode you should have a message by Gyunei read the message now clear the given mission.

Kai and Hayato - Become trusted or higher with either of these pilots receive their respective terminal message and clear the given mission.

Ramba Ral and M’Quve - After joining ZEON check your terminal for two messages one from Kycillia the other from Dozle clear these missions to unlock these two pilots.

Katejina - Using a pilot besides Uso befriend Katejina and possess a V2 Gundam License now check your terminal for a message and clear the given missions.

Sarah - Befriend Sarah and Scirocco and have Reccoa at affinity or below check your terminal for a message now clear the given mission.

Reccoa - After unlocking Yazan shoot Reccoa down using Yazan in any mission, now check the terminal for a message which will unlock her.

Rosamia – Join A.E.U.G. and befriend Kamille check the terminal for a message and clear the given mission.

For the remaining pilots clear each and every Official mode story mission and characters from that particular series will unlock except the few listed above.

Joining a Faction

To join the desired faction, befriend pilots who are from that faction for clues pay attention during the official mode. Hint* To join AXIS it requires you to befriend Haman, Glemy and Puru Two.

Official Mode Alternate Movies

Char - Save the Radish from Yazan, Save Emma and protect GRYPS 2 before the timer runs out or Fail any of the criteria for the bad ending.

Judau - Beat Haman before she says all of her dialogue or Beat Haman slowly letting her complete all of her dialogue.

Amuro - Don’t let an ally fall or Let Kai or Hayato die.

Kamille - Same as Char, same story line.

Building Mobile Suits

Now in order to collect parts just shoot down other mobile suits to be rewarded parts plus the mobile suit you’re using will gain one new part upon mission success. All mobile suits require right/left arms and legs and a torso, these don’t just allow you to build the machine they also determine how powerful it is each part having different stats allowing you to upgrade.