E3 2010: Microsoft Conference Summary

E3 2010: Microsoft Conference Summary

15th June 2010 - Microsoft's Xbox 360 E3 2010 press conference is now done and below is a summary of the announcements made. Enjoy!


- Xbox and Activision announced a deal that will see ALL of the downloadable content for Call of Duty games, including the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops on Xbox 360 first for the next 3 years! (2010, 2011, 2012).

- Microsoft Game Studios announce partnership with Crytek and announce new game "Codename Kingdoms" exclusive to Xbox 360.

- A demo of Metal Gear Solid Rising was shown and was very violent. Will this game see the light of day here in Australia??

- Cliff Blezinski and crew demonstrated a portion of Gears of War 3. The game looks stunning with a lot more colour than the previous 2 games and it is still 10 months away!! Cliff mentioned a new mode called Beast.

- Fable III release date of October 26 was announced.

- Bungie showed off some of the Halo Reach Campaign which included a glimpse of aerial combat. The campaign seemed a little underwhelming and looked very much like more of the same, which may or may not be a bad thing depending on your opinion. Should have shown it before Gears of War 3 more maximum impact.

- An exclusive partnership between ESPN and Xbox 360 was announced. Heaps of live sport in HD direct to your Xbox 360 including full stats overlay from other sports, user polls, trivia etc. Only problem is that it is probably a US only feature! The service is free to Xbox Live Gold members.

- New Xbox 360 announced! Console includes 250GB hard drive, built in Wi-Fi (802.11N) and is the same price as the current 360 and will be shipping to retailers today!!! Microsoft gave everyone in the conference crowd a free one!!!


- A whole heap of Kinect information:

1. Kinect detects movement and sound. Control movies, music, dashboard with voice recognition.

2. VideoKinect - Be in video chat and watch movies, news, sport etc together. Kinect detects your skeleton and moves as you move so you are kept on screen.

3. Kinect games announced including:

  • Kinectimals - A kiddie animal game where you can adopt 40 animals and perform 30 activities with it.
  • Kinect Sports - Includes Soccer, Bowling, Javelin, Table Tennis, Boxing and Beach Volleyball.
  • Kinect Joyride - Cool car game that required no controller and includes 5 modes including Stunt.
  • Kinect Adventures - A fun game that uses your whole body to play.
  • Ubisoft announced "Your Shape = Fitness Evolved" for Kinect. The title is exclusive to the Xbox 360 and includes a lot more variety and looked a lot more user friendly than Wii Fit.
  • MTV Games together with Harmonix announced a Kinect Dance game called Dance Central. Various dancers were shown and the game looked like it mapped all your moves very well and looks a lot of fun. The game includes a variety of music and more will come as DLC. The game includes 600 moves and 90 routines.
  • LucasArts announce Kinect Star Wars game. A video was shown which was promised to be actual gameplay and it looked very cool.
  • Turn 10 announce Kinect for the future of Forza! They said you won't need a controller and you can look around by moving your head! They showed off Kinect's capabilities with a video featuring a Ferrari. The new game is coming in 2011. For more details go to Turn 10's announcement HERE.
  • Kinect will launch November 4th and will have 15 titles available at launch.


Well there you have it, all the big news from Microsoft's E3 2010 conference.


News by Craig Cirillo