E3 2010: Nintendo Conference Summary

E3 2010: Nintendo Conference Summary

16th June 2010 - “Technology is just a tool… the end product is experience” This is the line which opened up Nintendo’s E3 Conference this year. It seems like a stab at both Microsoft and Sony with their Kinect and Move tools respectively, but really makes a lot of sense when you see just what Nintendo has in store for their gamers over the next year. Take a look at All Age Gaming’s Nintendo E3 Conference summary…

Skyward Sword
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was the first thing shown to the audience this year. Its been a long time coming, but its finally here; the latest Zelda game is on the way and looking better than ever. It unsurprisingly uses more Wii remote motion control to decide on how Link goes about his business, but this time its looking like not just a cheap selling point, rather a very unique and overly enjoyable way to slice and dice. The game had a very large live demonstration and save a few wi-fi interferences which stuffed around with the controls, it went off with out a hitch and really excited the crowd for the duration. This is the kind of game what sells Wii’s to people who never had in interest in the console, so save your pennies folks because Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword hots shelves next year.

More Mario!
That’s right, as we could have all probably guessed, there’s more Mario in store for us Wii gamers. So what’s the difference between this and every other Mario game? Well it’s a bit different from what you usually get from a Mario game, this time taking on a complete sport package. No, not like Mario and Sonic at the Olympics, think more along the lines of Wii Sports, just with a few more competitive sports that will really redefine party playing and simply having a good time. Demonstrated were Ice Hockey, Dodgeball, Volleyball and Basketball. Mario Sports Mix is due for a 2011 release date.

Lets Party!
Yet another new ‘Party oriented’ game for the Wii, Wii Party, is due to be released this holiday season. What’s the catch with this one? Well, not only is it one of the few ‘official’ Wii party games, but it actually has over 70 different minigames for you and your mates to compete over and enjoy. That’s a high number for any kind of game, so keep on eye on this one if you love to show your friends what for.

Shake it, baby!
The original was a great global success, so its no surprise we are finally hearing about the sequel in the works. Just Dance 2 was demonstrated, and while it looks like a vast improvement already, it also has over 40 new songs and an all new multiplayer mode ‘dance crew face-off’ for up to 8 players.

Golden Sun

A new top-down RPG for the Nintendo DS was shown, going by the name of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It looks a lot like the top-down Zelda adventures, and I must say, that’s not a bad thing in any way. Definitely one for you DS loving RPG fans, as there really isn’t a lot of good choice at the moment.

And straight from the Golden Sun announcement and trailer was another game starting with Golden… Can you guess what it is? Well its been rumoured to be coming to the Xbox for a while now, so no one had expected it to show as Nintendo’s E3... That’s right, you guesses it (or not)! Goldeneye is making a triumphant return, exclusive to the Wii later this year! But wait, there’s more; Goldeneye for the Wii isn’t exactly a port of the original, far from it in fact. This year, Wii gamers are getting a brand spanking new full remake of the original masterpiece! New graphics, new gameplay, new innovation and a heck load of new fun. The game looks amazing, and promises to bring back all of your beloved Goldeneye moments with new multiplayer featuring all the classic modes, from Paintball to Melee only. Definitely a highlight of the show to many, many fans of the original. This one is going to huge! For more information go to the official game site HERE.

F’ing Epic!
Excuse my language please, but that’s the only way to describe Nintendo’s exclusive new Epic Mickey. With a solid blend of adventure, action, RPG and platforming, Epic Mickey is looking great. Warren Spector, one of Epic Mickey’s lead developers, came on stage to demo the game, and from what we seen, there is a lot of fun to be had with this completely unique and mammoth of a game. It’s a little hard to put into words just how jaw-dropping this game looked, so please just heed my words and trust me when I say; this game is going to be a sure-fire AAA game destined for greatness.

Kirby returns.
Its been a while indeed, but Kirby is actually getting himself (him? Or it?) a completely new video game. Going back to basics, the new game, titled Kirby Epic Yarn is a 2D, is a side scrolling puzzler which will please old fans and bring new ones alike to its unique style and look. Set to release on the Wii exclusively “this fall”.

Remember Metroid?
If you do, then get ready to remember it all over again, with Metroid: Other M. But wait, this isn’t Metroid as you remember it at all- no it’s a new game entirely. Other M is taking a new twist on the classic Franchise, with the famed developers of Ninja Gaiden behind the wheel, it’s a great new experience. With a  ton of  gameplay styles thrown together to get a completely unique game altogether, Metroid: Other M is a highly anticipated return to the old and new and until now, has been pondered at without a release date. That’s correct, we now have a solid dat ein which we can expect Other M to grace our Wii’s; August 31st!

Back to the old Country
Someone is back, but you know him well. He’s been a gaming void for quite a few years now (apart from completely mediocre, unmentionable experiences). So its with great pleasure, that I announce to you, that Nintendo just announced to the world, that your favourite maniacal monkey is back! Donkey Kong Country has returned! The great Donkey Kong Country games  have been at the back of the mind of millions for well over a decade, and in a sharp move and one sure to please everyone out there who every experience these magical games as a kid; the Wii is getting a completely new and revamped edition to the series. Its going right back to the roots, with 2D gameplay and only a few new little feature thrown in; enough to please new fans yet still not enough to turn the olds away. Updated graphics, updated gameplay, and all new level design; the new Donkey Kong Country game is looking slick, sick and awesome, all in one.

Going out with a bang…
To end the game-happy E3 conference, Nintendo revealed to the world the new 3DS; a new DS (another one?), only this time with full 3D capabilities and minus the silly goggles. With a  sleek new design, a handful of new features and oh yeah, FULL 3D! The new DS is looking like a step into the future and for sure a giant step in the 3D rat race.

There really was something for everyone this year. From Zelda to Mario, and Donkey Kong to Kirby, Nintendo brought the smack-down this year in the game department. This writers personal favourites would have to be the announcements of with the brand new Goldeneye, or perhaps the great new Donkey Kong Country game. Why not let us know what you think of Nintendo’s E3 conference this year and what your favourite titles from the lot are?

Thanks for reading folks!

News By John Elliott