E3 2010: Sony Conference Summary

E3 2010: Sony Conference Summary

16th June 2010 - Sony have always been known to have a great E3 conference, year and year over. And this year was no exception, with more than a few great titles and products announced. We at All Age Gaming are covering in detail the great things Sony have announced at this years E3 Expo, so please, read on to find out just why you want to be a PS3 gamer this year…

A new dimension of gaming
A big part of Sony’s conference this year was the Third Dimension. With talk of just how good their new Bravia tellies are (do we really want to hear that at E3?), Sony announced that my march 2011 there will be at least 20 full 3D titles if you are lucky enough to have access to one of these big, expensive televisions. To make things a little better, the first game demoed here was Killzone 3. Or as they referred to it; Killzone 3D. That’s right, the completely 3D and Move ready title was demoed in full 3D in front of the live audience and to say the very least- the game looks phenomenal. While the term Halo-killer is surely going to be thrown around like every other release in this series, this one might actually manage this time, available February 2011. Other games that were announced to be released with full 3D capabilities; Motor Storm Apocalypse, Sly Collection, Gran Turismo 5, Crisis 2, Mortal Kombat, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, NBA 2k 11, among others.

Playstation Plus
One of the biggest announcements this year was the news that although the PSN (Playstation Network) will always be free, for players wanting to ‘enrich’ their experience, there will be a new subscription service available. Available from June 29 for US$49.99 (~AU$58) for one year subscription or US$17.99 (~AU$21) for three months. The service will include all manners of DLC, from map packs, Playstation Mini’s and the lifestyle gaming show ‘Core’. This is all looking like a nice bonus to the already free online play offered by Sony, but it will be interesting to see how many of the 50 Million registered users on PSN decide to go for the upgrade. Will you?

Playstation 2? Still?
It was only a small section, but Sony thought it necessary to mention that they were still supporting the Playstation 2. Personally, I think its time to pull the plug on the old console, but whatever floats their boat.

Move it along
There was great excitement surrounding the Playstation Move this year, and with little surprise. This is a great addition to the motion gaming movement, and one that will surely go hand in hand with a lot of Playstation 3’s in the future, given how many great titles are going to be compatible. Despite the fact it looks and, well, is exactly like the Wii Remote and Nun-chuck (minus annoying cords). Sony took a few low blow stabs at Microsoft’s Kinect during the Move presentation, while for some reason completely ignoring the aforementioned Wii comparisons. Hmm, wonder why? Yet more news about the Move is that there will also be a few titles that use both Move and Sony’s great new 3D capabilities, some of which are; The Fight: Lights Out, Eye Pet, Tumble, MLB: The Show. Not to mention Killzone 3.

More move?
Yes, more! But this time, its not a game, but the actual Move itself! Announced are the prices, and they are as follows; The Standalone Move will be US$49.99 ($69.99 in Australia), the Move navigation control will be US$29.99 ($49.99 in Australia), A bundle with both of these, the PS Eye itself and a copy of Sports Champions will be US$99.99 (~AU$120). Release dates were also announced; Move will launch in Europe on September 15, September 16 in Australia and in Japan on October 21. Its all coming together folks, and looks to be a huge holiday season for Sony this year.
What is this Sorcery?!
The first demoed game to use Move was a little title named Sorcery. It gives players a magical wand wielding Sorcerer, and demonstrates just how fluent and responsive the Move is. If any of you had any doubts about this, just one look at this game will wash them all away. It works wonders, and the game too looks like an instant hit, not the least because of how it utilises the Move wand.

Tigers back
With all the news and controversy surrounding Tiger and his wrong doings, its good to see that he still gets his name on the great Golf game; Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011. The good news is that the PS3 version of the game completely utilises Move, and much like it does on the Wii (only, from this presentation, a little better), really makes you feel like a real Golfer. Things just keep looking up and up for the Playstation and its awesome Move controller.

Heroes galore!
No, not the TV show, that wouldn’t make any kind of good game. Would probably just end up like that lost game if it went ahead… No, this is a real heroes game; Heroes on the Move! Featuring PS icons Ratchet, Jak, Sly, Bentley and Clank in one massive platforming adventure the likes of which have never been seen (or enjoyed!). This looks alike a great mash up of fun franchises and a game with true potential. Oh, and it uses the Move… Geddit?

Sony and Coke
That’s right, a big deal between the two see’s tons of competitions and free games. Not much news on this front, but yeah… They made it pretty clear they’re with Coke on this one. Damn, I feel like a coke now, while I go play my Playstation 3... Partnership must have worked!

Little Big Planetary takeover
Little Big Planet 2 was shown off a little too, with even more info on just how this will improve on the still great original. You can now make you own types of games with it, and not just platformers like in the original. That’s right, the creation tools are so advanced that gamers will now be able to create even the most advance games of all genres; Shooting, racing, RTS, the lot! The sky is the limit with this game, and it looks like its going to hit hard and hit fast, with countless possibilities within the one simple game. Gaming at its best, for sure.

Portal 2 is here!
An announcement told of the sequel to great FP-Puzzle game Portal will be released on the Playstation 3 (among another console), in 2011. The trailer was only a short teaser, but tease it did, as I simply cannot wait for this awesome looking game!

Gran Turismo 5, finally confirmed!
The release date that is, which happens to be November 2nd. It debuted with a new, really, really awesome trailer. Get ready for this one, cause you wont want to leave the house when this is released!


The final Final Fantasy
It probably isn’t, not with how well every installation sells, but it’s going to be awesome enough anyway! A trailer debuted with the E3 conference, showing how the game is taking things to new heights, perhaps being the first decent take at a console MMO. However it turns out though, its sure to set new things in motion with the genre.

This was a word thrown around a lot here, with many promised exclusive DLC and content for the PS3. EA promise exclusive content on all their titles, both on the PSN and with the Move for the Playstation 3. Other notable exclusives are as follows; Mafia 2 content, Assassins Creed Brotherhood (of which we also got a glimpse of the multiplayer mode) mission pack, along with Dead Space 2 content, usable only with the Move.

There was a brief round up of everything PSP towards the end of the conference. We are told of a slew of great new games coming to the portable console before the end of the year (over 70!!!), and a ton of new features and hardware packs. No news about the success (what’s that, you ask?) of the PSP Go though. Shame really.

Well that’s it for us people, because I don’t know about you, but after all those announcements and trailers, I am pooped. This year we have seen an unparalleled amount of new games and content, and the Move is just looking better and better every time we get a glimpse of it. Why not let us what you think of Sony’s announcements and new game in our comments section below? I know I’m looking forward to seeing my favourite games in 3D and even more so about the jaw-dropping Little Big Planet 2.


News By John Elliott