EA Adds Highly Anticipated 'Battlefield 3' Beta to 'Medal of Honor' Limited Edition

EA Adds Highly Anticipated 'Battlefield 3' Beta to 'Medal of Honor' Limited Edition

2nd August 2010 - Electronic Arts Inc. has revealed new details of the Medal of Honor Limited Edition that will be released in Australia on October 14, 2010 and New Zealand on October 15, 2010. The Limited Edition(1) features a host of weapons, powerful ammunition and camouflage. The weapons and camouflage give players a tactical gameplay advantage on day one. EA also announced that people who own the Medal of Honor Limited Edition will receive an invitation to the beta(2) for another highly-anticipated EA shooter, Battlefield 3. Battlefield 3 is the latest entry in the award-winning shooter franchise from DICE in Stockholm, Sweden.


Be sure to check out an all-new Medal of Honor gameplay trailer directed by Linkin Park's Joe Hahn. The trailer will feature never-before-seen in-game footage set to the band's recently-announced single 'The Catalyst' at https://www.medalofhonor.com/linkinpark_AU. More details about the Battlefield 3 beta itself can also be found at www.medalofhonor.com/battlefield3.


Medal of Honor Limited Edition also features special content out-of-the-box including the MP-7, a weapon utilized by real-world Tier 1 Operators in the field. With its light weight, high rate of fire as well as its ability to penetrate body armor, the MP-7 handles like a pistol yet allows targets to be engaged like a rifle. The Limited Edition also includes two powerful shotguns with custom slugs. These devastating shotguns and ammunition are ideal for close-range fights.


For the first time in its 11-year history, Medal of Honor leaves the WWII theatre and enters the modern setting of war-torn Afghanistan. The game is told through the lens of a small band of fictional characters. Medal of Honor introduces players to the Tier 1 Operator, an elite warrior and relatively unknown instrument of the U.S. Military that operates under the National Command Authority to take on missions no one else can handle.


Medal of Honor launches on Oct. 14, 2010 in Australia and Oct. 15 in New Zealand for the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360 videogame and entertainment system and PC. Follow the game on Twitter at: https://www.twitter.com/medalofhonor or become a fan on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/medalofhonor.


(1) The PlayStation 3 version of the Limited Edition also includes the classic, Medal of Honor Frontline(TM) completely remastered in HD.

(2) Restrictions and conditions apply to Beta offer. See https://www.ea.com/beta for details.