Fifa 10 new features revealed at EA Gamescom 2009 Press Conference!

Fifa 10 new features revealed at EA Gamescom 2009 Press Conference!

19th August 2009 - Just in from the EA Gamescom 2009 press conference is some announcements for the upcoming game, Fifa 10. Some of the features mentioned in the conference were as follows:

1. Matchmaking Improved: In Fifa 10, some improvements to the matchmaking system will be based on skill level and your location throughout the world.

2. In the new Virtual Pro Mode, you can put your face into the game and use it in all the modes within the game.

3. Details of Live Season 2.0 will be coming early September.

There were many gameplay enhancements that were mentioned and they were as follows:

1. Improved attacking through a greater variety of shots and player positioning.

2. Improved defending through players having a greater urgency and through the introduction of sliding and reflex blocks and new clearances.

3. The Goalkeeper AI has been greatly improved with EA showing game footage of the keeper being a lot more desperate to save the shots with new dive animations etc.

4. Fifa 10 introduces physical play where you can fight for your position making stealing or keeping the ball more satisfying.

5. 360 degrees dribbling will be in Fifa 10 which will allow much more fluid control and total freedom and expression with the ball.

Well there you have it, a glimpse of what is to come in Fifa 10.