20th May 2009 - Revealing FUEL™s extensive multiplayer gameplay experience, including 16 player Free Ride and Race Events, Codemasters® today launched the new FUEL ‘Multiplayer’ video, now available from www.fuel-game.com (in the Downloads section).

FUEL’s breath-taking 5,000 square mile+ racing sandbox will become the perfect setting for online multiplayer racing when the game launches early June. The new video showcases online Free Ride, where up to 16 players can explore and enjoy impromptu races and Race Events, where players can climb online leader boards and compete against up to 15 other racers. Unique custom races, player-created using FUEL’s powerful yet intuitive race editor, are also featured.

FUEL’s online events will see over 70 vehicles, including bikes, quads, buggies, trucks and cars competing on and off-road in challenges that include Circuit, Checkpoint and Raid races. The unique gameworld, which features no corridors or unnatural barriers, offers unprecedented player choice for on-the-fly route selection and delivers an exhilarating online racing experience across varied and challenging terrain.

In multiplayer Free Ride, the nearest 16 online players are connected together to create a busy world where gamers can explore together, seek-out collectibles and enjoy ad hoc races. The race editor allows almost limitless opportunities to create new and unique races set anywhere in FUEL’s beautiful and huge world and play them online. The extensive online offering compliments FUEL’s career mode, which features hundreds of races, events and unlockables, as players race and explore a world featuring the most diverse, inspiring and iconic areas of North America.  

Delivering epic races in an epic environment, FUEL will set the new standard for open-world racing when it launches June 4th for the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft® with a Games For Windows® edition to follow. Experience the unique thrill of online racing in FUEL by downloading the trailer video at www.fuel-game.com.