AAG Feature: Great Xmas Gifts for Every Gamer!

13th December 2009 - It’s that time of year again; Christmas! And for most of you that will mean a time for giving and getting presents and all round simply having fun. But said presents can sometimes be quite hard to pick for that special someone, and if you’re anything like me, there is always way too much stuff you’re just aching to get your hands on and wishing to be under the tree on that one special morning. But fear not, dear readers, for this year we at All Age Gaming are here to lend a hand. We’ve compiled a list of the very best gifts and accessories essential for any gamer and their gaming kingdom.


Astro Headphones
Every gamer who plays online even the slightest will be able to tell you the experience isn’t the same without a good pair of headphones or an ear piece. And Astro have the best of the best. With the highest possible quality voice chat you’ll ever hear, and 5.1 Dolby Headphone Surround Sound these are sure to be a hit whenever your playing some intense Call of Duty or Left 4 Dead matches online. And you WILL notice the difference with these compared to even the official headsets. Also available is the Astro Mix amp, which seamlessly mixes together all voice and game sound into one through your headset to increase the experience. They can also be tuned to play your very own mp3 selection through their top-notch speakers.
Where to get it: www.astrogaming.com
How much:  US$200-250


Band Hero Full Band Set
Yes, a bit pricey for a game and some controllers, but totally worth it. This is the most fleshed out music game on the scene right now, and with over 60 songs off the bat, plus the downloadable content already available, there is enough playtime and options here to last you, your friends, your family and everyone else in between hours and hours of fun over Christmas. Probably the best thing to get your hands on if you like to share the enjoyment of your gaming experience.
Where to get it: Any good game retailer.
How much: Approx AU$300


Game retailer voucher
I know this ones a bit of a no-brainer, but trust me; this is one of the best gifts you can get any gamer. Just get enough to pay for a whole game, and you’re bound to have the gift receiver overjoyed. There is nothing like picking out your own game (especially when you’re not paying for it!).
Where to get it: Whichever is your closest (and best) game retailer. We recommend Games101, Game, EB Games and JB Hi-Fi.
How much: Anywhere between $50-150 is sure to please. Just remember; the more the merrier.


Yet another simple choice, yet also another choice that is sure to please no matter what. Whether it’s for an Xbox 360 gamer, a Wii gamer or a PS3 gamer, a new controller is sure to be a hit. The first-party controllers are quite pricey these days, so it’s hard to have a selection for family and friends to use, that’s the reason this is such a great gift. Just don’t half-ass it and pick up one of the third-party ones that may look nice, but underneath the bonnet, are as rubbish as their price is cheap. You really do get what you pay for here.
Where to get it: Any good retailer.
How much: AU$60-100 depending on console


Renegade Ultimate Gaming Chair
This is one of the things that not many gamers have, but the ones that do would never go without one again. They make so much difference it’s unbelievable. It’s perhaps the perfect way to play games; in a chair with built in speakers that are specifically designed to play games in, with massagers, iPod jacks, and more. Comfy, stylish, reliable and all round cool, the Renegade gaming chair will blow your mind. Its one of the top gaming chairs on the market (well, at least for under a hefty price tag rising into the thousands), and something every gamer would adore to have in their lounge room. Go ahead, treat that special someone.
Where to get it: www.thegamingcollection.com.au
How much: Usually AU$450, but at the time of publication, only AU$350!


Kenwood Home Theater System
Its common knowledge that a good surround sound system greatly enhances the gaming experience and is a must-have in order to get the most from your games. So, with a wonderful combination of both great quality and a great price, a Kenwood 5.1 Home Theater & Surround Sound System is a bargain that you won’t want to miss out on. Never has such quality been seen in such a small price tag and you would be crazy not to try and get your hands on one of these babies if you haven’t upgraded the old’ 2 speaker sound of your TV yet.
Where to get it: Harvey Norman - www.harveynorman.com.au
How much: AU$599


SANYO High Definition Widescreen LCD TV
Everyone wants themselves a High Definition TV to play their games on, but no one wants to break the bank for one. So with this cheap deal on an 80cm (32 Inch, which although isn’t as big as they come, is surely more than enough to satisfy even the most avid gamers HD needs) LCD TV. With three HDMI outputs, built in HD Tuner and the ability to wall mount the beauty, you really can’t go wrong. This is perhaps the best deal you’re going to get on a HD television, so grab one while you can.
Where to get it: Dick Smith retailers and online – www.dse.com.au
How much: AU$598


There you have it. For a little under $1200, you can have yourself a full gaming theater system kit fit for a gaming king of any sort, and you can also relax and watch a movie on Christmas morning on your brand new big-screen TV and surround sound system. All you need is the games of course, which, courtesy of All Age Gaming’s sponsors Gamehubs (www.gamehubs.com) and Games101 (www.games101.com.au), you can pick up at very reasonable prices factory sealed and ready for the playing. Found other great gaming deals or ideal Christmas gifts or just want to share your opinion? Then let us know in our comments section below. Thanks for reading.


Article Written By John Elliott