MAG reveals itself!

MAG reveals itself!

4th May 2009 - View the trailer for MAG, the biggest online shooter ever, coming later this year exclusively on PLAYSTATION 3.

One world, 32 squads, 256 players - welcome to massive online action on a global battlefield in MAG.

Exclusive to PS3, MAG is set in a world where governments use Private Military Corporations (PMCs) to do their dirty work. In the near future, a global crisis has thrown governments into disarray and spawned the need for PMCs to wage wars abroad. Three have risen to the top - SVER, Raven and Valor. Battling for lucrative government contracts, these three factions have become the new world military standard. You'll choose your PMC and join an eight-man squad to take to the field in an army of 128 players.

As you prove yourself game by game, you can decide how your career progresses. You can choose to become a specialist or a general operative depending on what you find yourself to be good at under heavy fire. You can also move through the chain of command, earning the right to lead a squad, then a platoon, then an entire private army - customising your character with new weapons and kit along the way.

Check out the trailer to get yourself into the line of fire by clicking here, and keep an eye on for more information on the title that redefines the world of online shooters.