NBA ELITE 11 Delayed!!!

28th September 2010 - For the first time in a long while, EA's latest NBA game will not be launching in its usual October release window. EA Sports have issued a press release which can be found below stating the game's delay. While some may be surprised by this, those that have played the demo will probably be not. With lofty expectations for the new innovations being brought to NBA Elite, the demo fell well short. At least EA have listened to fan feedback and done something about it. Let's hope that the final product, whenever it releases is much improved from the taste we have had already. I guess 2K Games will be loving this as their title, NBA2K11 releases in a matter of days and is now assured to be a big seller.


Story By Craig Cirillo


Press Release:

Over the past three years, EA SPORTS development teams have had a laser focus on creating titles packed with innovation and unsurpassed quality.  The acclaim from fans and critics on most of our titles the past few years makes us proud and it also motivates us to keep getting better. 


This year, we set extremely ambitious goals for our new franchise, NBA ELITE.  We are creating a game that will introduce several breakthrough features that have been missing from the basketball genre.  Unfortunately, NBA ELITE 11 is not yet ready and we have made a decision to delay next month’s launch.  We are going to keep working until we’re certain we can deliver a breakthrough basketball experience.


In the meantime, the NBA season is just around the corner and we have a plan to keep our consumers close to the action:

- NBA JAM will launch on the Wii, as scheduled, on October 5. NBA JAM won recognition this summer as the best sports game at E3 and it’s a blast to play. In addition to the Wii version, we’re going to ship NBA JAM as a standalone product on the Xbox360 and PS3 in time for the holidays. Watch for more news soon on the exact timing of that release.

- For NBA LIVE 10 players, we will continue to offer free content and services throughout the 2010-11 season. We will start with a new roster update so you get all the players for the new season, free of charge. We will also provide free Dynamic DNA updates, daily, for the entire season. That’s a full season of basketball with new rosters and updates, free.


The decision to delay NBA ELITE was hard because the game has great promise.  But ultimately we feel this is the right thing to do. We’ve been making steady progress on basketball for the past few years and it’s going to take extra time to make the game.


Why make this decision now?  As with all of our titles, we continue to evaluate and improve the code right up until launch.  Feedback from consumers is a very important part of the process. NBA ELITE had the benefit of play-testing, a demo and a lot of our own research.  All that feedback revealed some concerns about gameplay polish, so we’ve listened to your feedback, and made a judgment that the game would benefit from more time in development.


I want to thank our NBA ELITE development team for their efforts to meet this year’s lofty goals, and we’re behind them as they continue their work.  While no one is happy with this delay, we appreciate the support and ongoing feedback from our fans.  We’ll have more information coming soon.