New Screenshots from L.A. Noire: Crime Scenes, Lineups & More

8th December 2010 - Rockstar presents a brand new selection of exclusive screenshots from L.A. Noire - showing a glimpse of investigating crime scenes, examining lineups of suspects and other gritty detective work you'll experience in next spring's crime thriller. Stay tuned for a special look behind the scenes of the advanced motion scan technology used in the game, coming soon. View the screenshots below:

1947 was one of the most violent years in the history of Los Angeles, with an unprecedented number of assaults, robberies and murders. Phelps inspects the body of a victim for clues.

Onlookers gather at a family’s tragedy. You'll need to analyze crime scenes like this one in detail and interview witnesses in order to figure out what happened.

Sizing up the suspects. Each successfully solved case propels Phelps higher up the ladder of the LAPD.

 As a detective, Phelps’ gun is a weapon of last resort. But Los Angeles is a dangerous place, and a successful detective makes enemies quickly.