Nintendo Announces Wii Price Drop!

28th April 2010 - Nintendo announces that from tomorrow, 29 April 2010, Wii(TM) - the biggest selling home console of the current generation - will be available for only SRP $AU299.95* ($NZ399.95 SRP).


This is the first time Wii has received a price drop in Australia and New Zealand, Previously Wii was SRP $AU399.95 ($NZ499.95).


Wii comes in white, or the recently released sleek black, and comes packaged with Wii(TM) Sports.


Wii Sports includes five sports - boxing, tennis, baseball, bowling and golf, and is suitable for the whole family. Players can use their own Mii caricatures - a unique feature to Wii - in Wii Sports and play their Miis against their friends' Miis for a more personalised experience.


Also available 29 April is Monster Hunter(TM) Tri for Wii. Monster Hunter(TM) Tri comes as a standalone game, or bundled with the new Classic Controller Pro, available in black to match the new black Wii! Monster Hunter Tri allows online play and players can also use the Wii Speak(TM) accessory, allowing players to speak to other Monster Hunter Tri players during game play!


As well as fun new games such as Monster Hunter(TM) Tri , Wii has a great back catalogue of games for all ages, from the follow up to the popular Wii SportsWii Sports Resort(TM), to Wii Fit(TM) - the biggest selling game two years in a row in 2008 and 2009, the follow up to Wii Fit - Wii Fit(TM) PlusMario Kart(TM) Wii and the classic side scrolling action of New Super Mario Bros.(TM) Wii.


Wii has currently sold over 1.79 million** consoles in Australia since launch.


* Based on currency conversion as at 20 April 2010

** Sales data collected by Nintendo from retail partner reporting