Nintendo E3 Conference Wii Highlights

Nintendo E3 Conference Wii Highlights

3rd June 2009 - With Nintendo's E3 Conference now over, the highlights for the conference from a Wii perspective were as follows:

1. Vitality Sensor: It clips on your thumb and keeps track of your pulse. This gives you visual representation of your own emotions. According to Iwata, it will allow gamers to achieve greater relaxation and let people unwind or even make it easier to fall asleep.

2. A sequel to the original Super Mario Galaxy was announced. Super Mario Galaxy 2 will feature four player co-op play which will be interesting to see.

3. A Wii Fit sequel was announced. Called Wii Fit Plus the sequel will further add to the home fitness game experience.

Other titles shown were Red Steel 2, Metroid: Other MP and Dead Space: Extraction and The Conduit.