PlayTV Live Chat Upgrade for PlayStation 3

18th November 2010 - Courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia (SCE Aust.), PlayStation 3 (PS3) owners are now able to enjoy the marriage of TV and social networking as their living room expands to encompass the world with PlayTV Live Chat available to buy as an upgrade from 18th November on PlayStation Store. PlayTV, is the peripheral that allows users to watch, pause and record Digital HD Freeview TV on PS3, and now with the new PlayTV ‘Live Chat’ upgrade, users can share their passions and opinions in real time with friends whilst watching the big match or favourite soap drama. It’s time to get social on the sofa.

Here’s a quick preview of the new features available with the PlayTV Live Chat Upgrade:

Get chatting with Chat TV:

- Chat live on screen in real-time with no interruption. First, choose a show you want to watch from the on screen guide, select chat TV, then join one of the existing chat rooms or set up your own room and invite your friends to join you.

- Every live channel and program can have any number of its own chat rooms, each with up to 64 people at a time. If one chat room is full, simply join another or start your own.

- You can decide who enters your chat room. Set your room to be available to your PlayStation Network friends, everyone, or by invitation only to just chat with your closest friends.

- Real-time scrolling means you can discuss plot twists, cliff-hangers and whether or not that last goal was actually offside: It’s perfect for big match commentary with some serious banter with your mates, or for predicting the next twist in your favourite soap.

- Chatting is easy - you can use the onscreen keyboard, or connect a USB/Bluetooth keyboard to your PS3.

Get all your friends involved:

- Recommend and share your favourite programs, films or soaps on TV to your PlayStation Network and Facebook friends. Send recommendations to any of your PlayStation Network friends or send it to your Facebook wall to get all your friends involved in the discussion.

- Invite PlayStation Network friends to watch with you by sending them a message with a link so they can go directly to the programme in PlayTV or if they are not in, automatically set a recording for the show.

Get Watching:

- PlayTV Live Chat is easy to download. Make sure you have the latest PlayTV software patch on the 18th Nov, then simply purchase the new PlayTV Live Chat software upgrade from Playstation Store and you’ll be able to use the new ‘Live Chat’ features straight away. Once installed, the new icons will appear on the home menu for instant access.

- PlayTV is safe and secure. The Chat TV service is accessible only for those over the age of 16. Chat rooms are moderated and participants can be blocked from your feed while settings are also in place to protect user’s privacy.

- PlayTV ‘Live Chat Upgrade’ is available in the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Australia and New Zealand.

Buy PlayTV in-store for a recommended retail price of $149.95 and download PlayTV Live Chat upgrade for only $12.95 from PlayStation Store. With even more storage space on the new 160GB and 320GB PlayStation 3, now is the time to catch, share and enjoy the best that TV has to offer – with PlayTV Live Chat.