Red Dead Redemption Liars & Cheats Pack DLC Review

7th October 2010 - This, the second slab of Red Dead Redemption DLC see’s you get a few new add-ons to the games popular multiplayer experience similar to the last bit of content. Many of you may not be playing the game online anymore since not a lot of players took solace in the last content pack, but Liars & Cheats provides a worthwhile reason to pick up the game and give it another go.


What do I get and why do I want it?

As with the ‘Legends and Killers’ pack, Liars & Cheats first and foremost gives you access to a wealth of new character skins for online play. This time around you are given 8 characters from the main games story mode. Wether or not you decide to play as these familiar faces is entirely up to you.


But the Character skins are just the skin atop of this lovely bowl of DLC. Next up are the backbone to the hard-earned you’re paying; new modes. The first pack for the game didn’t have anything in this category to write home about, but that’s forgiven with what’s on offer here. Arguably the most important part of this pack - and the reason for the name - are the online multiplayer modes of the popular Poker and Liars Dice game modes from Single-Player. These can be played via entering a lobby from free roam, or you can posse up and hunt down a table during free roam to get your fill with a couple of buddies. While it may be difficult if you are not a fan of Poker in the real world to get grips with the rules of the game, Red Dead does a good job of making it all very easy to learn. Assuming you love a good game of Poker, this feature is the highlight of this DLC without a doubt, and something I’ve been waiting for since the release of the game. Liars Dice is the same - if you do enjoy the game, then good on you - you’ll find some good matches online and maybe even make a few friends along the way.


But Poker and Dice aren’t the only new modes here; also available is a new online mode that see’s players racing horses, as seen in the single-player story, complete with mounted combat and all. These are a little gimmicky, but can be quite a bit of fun if you manage to do well. Top off the list of new modes with the new attack and defend game type. This is unsurprisingly boring, leaving much to be desired. Like better level designs and objective ideas for starters. You wont get much out of this mode other than your first few plays to try it out, or if you want to stay put to earn the achievements. All up I think this is the DLC packs biggest let down.


To finish up the long list of what this DLC pack gives you, try your hand at the new Exploding Rifle weapon, a highly powerful online-and-offline weapon that gives new challenges and new scares when you see an enemy running your way with the mammoth of a gun. This isn’t particularly exciting, and just seems like Rockstar threw it in there to get some more sales. The real value here is in the wealth of new modes to take to online. However, with the rapidly decaying online community for Red Dead Redemption, this seems like its landing a little late to make the most of the possible enjoyment and sales figures.


How much does it cost?

This slice of online goodness with only set you back the average 800 Microsoft Points, which while still pretty expensive for some online additives that could have been game-packaged, is great value compared to the fact you spent the same amount for the last DLC pack for this game, and are getting so much more this time around.


Conclusion - Is it worth it?

This comes down to personal opinion I think. Firstly, think about this; are you going to enjoy some long, patience straining online Poker and Liars Dice matches? If the answer is yes, than go right ahead and get this, as the online Poker and Dice matches and definitely the highlight here. If not, the rest of what you’re given (new skins, a new gun and a few new modes) aren’t really worth revisiting the wild west themselves. So if you’re a gambler or not is essentially the same question if you should buy this or not. It was a bit late in the games life cycle to release this I think, despite being only a few short months later. But with the exciting new Zombies-based single-player mode coming later in the year, Red Dead Redemption might just make a comeback in the online world so stay tuned and keep those poker chips flowing.


If you’re lacking friends to play with, I’m always up some good Poker buddies to add to my rather short list, so hit me up on LIVE; AAG Laxman.





+ Online Poker and Liars Dice - Finally!

+ New character skins for online

+ A lot of content for a modest price



- Attack and Defend mode is uninspiring

- Little late in games lifecycle


Reviewed and Written By John Elliott