Red Faction: Guerrilla DLC Pack 2 Revealed!

Red Faction: Guerrilla DLC Pack 2 Revealed!

25th August 2009 - THQ have announced that the Red Faction: Guerrilla DLC Pack 2 is nearing completion, so what better way to show off their new content than with a video showcasing some of the new features, including some of the 8 new maps and 2 new modes.

New Maps (Playable on all but Siege):

1. Puncture

2. Broadside

3. Compound

4. Division

5. Equilibrium

6. Gradient

7. Haven

8. Remnant

New Modes:

1. Bagman

2. Team Bagman

For those that enjoyed Red Faction 2, you may recognize the mode names above, as they have been brought back. Your objective in both modes is to grab or protect the bag, and then retain possession for as long as possible. Both new modes can be played on all of the non-DLC maps as well, which can make for some very interesting matches. If you ever wanted an action-filled match, try Bagman with more than 10 people on a small map.

They are planning to launch the Multiplayer Pack for both Xbox 360 and PS3 on September 10th, 2009 - for only 560 MS Points, or $7.00 on PSN.