SEGA Rally Online Arcade Out Soon on XBLA!

12th May 2011 - Over at Sega America's Blog, they have released details of the upcoming XBLA title, Sega Rally Online Arcade. The following is directly from the Blog:


"Coming this May 18th to Xbox Live Arcade, SEGA Rally Online Arcade is our HD racing game, bred from the DNA of SEGA Rally Revo and SEGA Rally 3.


The game will be available for a mere 800 MSP. The game is also still coming to PlayStation Network, and we’ll provide a release date for that as soon as we’re able.


SROA combines the arcade feel of off-road racing with realistic driving physics for a unique experience. There’s lots of single player play, cars and tracks and modes to unlock, and of course a heavy focus on online play. The game releases just a week from now on XBLA, so stay tuned for more info!"


Pretty awesome news from Sega, hopefully news of a Daytona XBLA game will be coming soon!