Sonic 3 - XBLA

Sonic 3 - XBLA

11th June 2009 - Jonin Itachi (Asuka Shinn) brings us his 3rd Hints and Tips. This time it is on the just released Xbox Live Arcade title, Sonic 3. In this Hints & Tips guide Asuka concentrates on an helping you get those sometimes elusive achievements.

Complete the Game - 25gs
Pretty straight forward just play the game and beat Dr. Robotnik at the end of each stage and no you do not have to collect all the Chaos Emeralds for this achievement.

Fast Freeze - 25gs
For this achievement just clear the Ice Cap Zone and make it to the final zone not too difficult just a little tedious if not annoying.

Complete Chaos - 25gs
Collect all seven Chaos Emeralds by clearing the special stages scattered throughout the zones, here’s a hint there are about 5 in the first zone alone. Take your time for these they are easy but be warned the more blue spheres you touch the faster Sonic will move also you’ll want to only hit the outside blue spheres on the outside if it happens to make some blue spheres trapped in red they’ll all turn into rings if done properly, oh yeah and you can jump in fact some of the later ones will require jumping to be cleared.

Points III - 25gs
Get your total score to 80,000 points to unlock this achievement not difficult easiest done when either finishing levels extremely quickly or by obtaining each and every Chaos Emerald, this achievement will just take time it’s possible to earn this in the earlier stages when acquiring every Chaos Emerald and not getting hit bonus stages also help.

Marble Finishes - 15gs
Same as “Fast Freeze” the only diffence being instead of clearing Ice Cap Zone you’re required to complete the Marble Garden Zone, the only nuisance here is the boss battle which I advise against using Tails for this achievement it’s possible just harder and far more annoying.

Wet Feet - 15gs
Run across water not exactly hard when you run as fast as Sonic this is more likely to be done in Hydrocity zone although there are later possibilities, can’t offer much help here sorry.

Wet and Wild - 15gs
This just requires clearing the second zone known as Hydrocity zone, simple enough just take this advice Sonic can’t swim. Stopping to catch your breath when you see some air bubbles is also good or you can try and keep a bubble shield active which will allow Sonic or Tails to breathe underwater until an enemy pops it!

Points II - 15gs
Just make your score reach 40,000 to unlock this easy achievement, not much more I can help with here except for what was stated for “Points III”.

Chaotic - 10gs
You’ll earn this achievement for collecting your very first Chaos Emerald just look for the giant rings which are the special stages. The special stages in Sonic 3 are far easier then the torment in Sonic 2 so it shouldn’t be too hard to earn this achievement.

Halfway There... - 10gs
Collect 50 rings to earn this achievement or better yet go for 100 rings for an extra life which is far more helpful than this achievement. Fairly easy but if you’re having trouble earning this I’d say keep practicing on the first level with Tails.

Goodie Gumballs - 10gs
Getting this achievement should require next to no skill just get a blue gumball in the bonus stage, to get into the bonus stage hit a checkpoint and jump into the stars that appear to enter the bonus stages not to be confused with the Special Stage.

Points I - 10gs
Score a miserly 20,000 points this is possible by the end of the first zone if you’ve followed the hints for “Points III” also blast through stages quickly for a higher score and the more rings the better.


So there you have it, we hope that this has been helpful in playing this classic game.