Street Fighter IV updates announced!

Street Fighter IV updates announced!

Capcom have revealed the details of the major update coming for Street Fighter IV which is set for release on April 24 for the Xbox 360. The update is fully free and adds new shared and console-specific features to the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game.

The Xbox 360 version along with the PS3 will get the previously announced Championship Mode and Battle Replay Viewer.

Championship Mode allows players to take part in on-the-fly tournaments during network play. Following the update, a "Championship" toggle will be added to the network play area of the game. Check this, and you'll be placed in existing tournaments for upcoming network fights through arcade wait mode, quick match, or custom match.

Those who take part in Championship Mode battles earn Grade Points based off combat results. The game uses these Grade Points to match players. Collecting more points will raise your rank and put you in tournaments with tougher foes. Prior to the battle, you can see the level of tournament marked as "G3," for beginners, rising up to "G2," "G1," and "GS" levels.

Battle Replay Viewer allows players to view replay footage of winning players from the Championship Mode. These replays are added to a replay ranking. Replays found in this ranking can be viewed at any time.

The exclusive content for the Xbox 360 includes Replay Download and Key Display functionality.

The 360-exclusive functionality allows players to download replays from a replay list to their harddisk or memory card for viewing even when not connected online. The Key Display functionality allows players to display key press information, which can be combined with slow motion replay functionality to study the timing of top players.